4 Important Things Every First-Time Dog Owner Should Know

You’ll never get a dog to purr, and you’ll never get a cat to bark. A dog is a dog, and that means if you’re bringing a pup home for the first time, there are a few things you might want to know about. Now, this is just a quick piece, it’s not comprehensive. That said, the following are four things to remember as you consider getting a dog.

1. Respect of Boundaries: Dogs Like to Travel

It’s not that your dog doesn’t love you, it’s not that your dog wants to escape. Your dog is curious, and he has a natural instinct to hunt. He’s going to chase rabbits and squirrels and cats; unless he’s a very odd pup indeed, and there certainly are some pups who are practically inert. That said, most will run wherever you let them. They need boundaries.

At https://www.halocollar.com/, you’ll find a variety of options to help your pup become more obedient and respect the boundaries of your property. Basically, “Halo Collar” can be programmed for a certain boundary, and if the dog crosses that boundary, he gets a little jolt. This can be just your yard or wherever else you want to take your pup.

2. Not to Get Too Rough: Dogs Can Sometimes Get Quite Wild

A dog can get vicious if he thinks that’s okay. Some owners encourage dogs to be violent on command. We don’t recommend that, but there are applications where such a thing is appropriate; protection or police work come to mind. A German Shepherd trained by cops can be mean if necessary.

However, even if you haven’t trained your dog to be vicious, he can go too far if he gets excited. You need to train your dog not to bite and be diligent about it. Suppose your dog bites somebody, whether a play bites or enthusiastically, local law may take him from you and force him to be euthanized. Nobody wants that. Train your pup not to bite and to play nice.

3. Grace: Dogs Don’t Usually Have It

Unlike cats, dogs cannot hop up on a counter and tiptoe gracefully around delicate things. A dog in a house can break things without even meaning to. Have you ever been around a happy greyhound with a normal tail? It’s like a billy club swinging from his backside.

Dog tails break glass things all the time, and that’s probably never going to change, even if you are diligent in disciplining your pup whenever he breaks something. What makes more sense is decorating your home, so the majority of breakables are out of your pup’s reach.

4. Conditioning: Training Takes Many Forms

Pavlov was able to train dogs to drool on command. He did this by giving them a treat whenever he rang a bell. Soon, the dogs would drool even if he didn’t give them a treat because they had learned to associate the bell with food. Well, that conditioning capability is something you can exploit for better obedience. Learn how to do that, this link can help.

Training Dogs to Be Safe and Obedient

Dogs can be conditioned; they’re generally not graceful, they need to be taught not to be rough, and you want to teach your dog to respect certain boundaries. Quite a few things come into play if you’re considering adding a dog to your family; these four are some of the most common.

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