How to Protect Your Dog from Pests

As a dog owner, the pest seasons are a huge headache. Unfortunately, every spring and summer, your pet is once again a victim of annoying and harmful pests likes fleas, mosquitos, ticks, wasps or worms. It cannot be pleasant to see your pet friend struggling with itches and scratches.

Considering that this can become more than an annoyance and degenerate into a health-threatening condition, it’s essential to take some precautions. There are several ways to protect your dog from pests, so let’s find out more.

Inspect Your Dog Regularly

Learn what are the most common pests your dog has to face and how to identify them. The best way to ensure your dog’s protection is to prevent infestations from happening in the first place or at least minimize the risks by conducting regular inspections. Always be on the lookout for red, itchy skin, bite marks and other skin irritations.

After every walk outdoors, inspect your pet carefully. Since ticks and fleas are easy to miss with the naked eye if your dog is fluffy, brushing the coat is the most effective solution to ensure they’re clean from pests or insects. Do this every time your pet spends time in high grass or a wooden area. Vigilance is mandatory if you want to protect your dog.

Pay Extra Attention to Cleanliness

To protect your dog during periods of high risk, use a shampoo that kills pests when bathing him. Regular baths are a good preventive measure against pests, so don’t skip any. If your dog has long fur, grooming at the beginning of the pest season is a good idea. This will make it harder for ticks to latch onto the hair and easier for you to detect them if it happens.

Besides bathing your dog regularly, you should also wash objects he interacts with such as bedding, food bowls or toys. Clean frequently areas where your dog spends a lot of time and keep your living environment as clutter-free as possible. Even if your dog catches something, by cleaning everything thoroughly and as often as possible, you will stop a serious infestation.

Contact A Pest Control Service

Ticks, fleas and other pests can not only make your dog sick but also infest your entire home. Dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors are especially susceptible to tick bites, which poses serious health risks. Lyme disease and tick paralysis are two debilitating conditions that can affect your dog on the long-term. Fleas also cause severe diseases like anaemia.

If you feel that the pest situation in your home might get out of control and other precautionary measures failed, the only viable solution to make your home safe again is to contact a pest control service in your area. Pest Control Tampa offers residents assistance with pest infestation so they can ensure a safe environment for their family and their pets. In some cases, professional sanitation is the only way to solve this problem and to put your mind at ease.

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