How To Prevent Your Dog From Chewing Everything

The first time you catch your dog chewing on your slipper, you might find the sight cute or even enduring. After all, what’s funnier than catching your pet right in the middle of doing something naughty? On the other hand, finding that your pet has a proclivity for chewing on shoes, furniture, wires or more can be the start of a very big problem. A lot of dogs chew on random things out of sheer boredom. Some might have anxiety or behavioral issues, but in most cases, they are just doing what comes naturally. Learn how you can keep your books, socks, and other personal items out of your dog’s mouth, permanently.

Pinpointing Why Your Dog Is Chewing On Your Things

It might not be a big deal when you notice all your socks are disappearing. Dogs will chew on just about anything that they can get their mouths around. The real problem is that their owners don’t tend to address the situation until things become highly problematic. You want to try to pinpoint why your dog is chewing on random objects as soon as you become aware of what it is doing. If your puppy is teething, you can chalk things up to age. However, when a fully grown dog starts exhibiting this behavior, it can be best to talk to your veterinarian and schedule an appointment.

Noticing Behavioral Changes In Your Dog

A dog might start chewing on items other than those left by its owner when it is still a puppy or even after some remarkable life change. For example, you might notice your dog starting to act more destructively after downsizing from a house with a big backyard to a modestly sized condo. Your pet might resort to chewing up your beloved leather recliner after the birth of a baby because it isn’t getting enough attention. Think of all the silly things that people do as a result of stress, anxiety, or discontentment. Dogs are not that different from their owners after all.

Offering Healthy Substitutes

The best way to break the habit of a dog who is prone to chewing on whatever it can find lying around is to offer it something different. You don’t want to offer your dog old shoes or anything else that can be easily confused. Instead, giving your pet elk antler dog chews is the ideal way to instill good behavior. These dog chews are completely natural and irresistible to active dogs. They are also long-lasting and packed full of nutritious marrow, so your dog will get a real treat once it reaches the center. Whatever you give your dog to chew on, make sure that it is veterinarian approved.

It is true that dogs are simple creatures, but that doesn’t mean that some of the things they do have to remain a mystery. You may never know why your dog prefers the cheaper dog food over the gourmet variety. Your pet might prefer to sleep on an old raggedy blanket as opposed to the fluffy dog pet you purchased. As long as your dog remains healthy and well behaved, its preferences can remain a non-factor.

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