How to Make Adorable Art of Your Pet?

In this world where man is running behind companionship and love, pets are among the few rare elements of life that have shown to be loyal, along with offering unconditional love to their owners. It is due to this immense amount of love and affection which these pets show to their owners that even the owners do not consider them as mere animals but rather as members of their own family. 

Be it eating together or traveling together, among many other things. The owners want their pets to be alongside them in all aspects of their life. This is the reason why even the houses of these pet owners are being designed such that they have the proper inclusion of their pets in the themes. 

Pet Art in The House

Pet art has seriously gained some popularity in the world of interior design and decoration. The trend has been enjoyed by the decor designers as well as the pet owners who want the portraits of their beloved pets on the walls of their house. 

These pet owners treat their pets like their family members and therefore want the decor of their house to have a representation of them as well. In this article, let us take a look at the various cute ideas that you can make use of to have great pet art at your own house, as well. 

Paw Prints

One of the most commonly used forms of pet art which were being used in the old days as well and has now gained great popularity is the usage of paw prints as art forms. For this purpose, the owner of the pet dips the paws of the pet into a suitable paint and then puts them onto a sheet of paper to get its impressions on that. 

These impressions on the paper are then framed and hung up on the wall of the house. Pawprints and impressions are considered to be one of the simplest and cutest ideas for pet art today. 

Pet Portraits

More and more pet owners are now going for the portraits of their pets today for the decor of their house. For making a pet portrait, these owners either hire professional artists who have been making portraits of people as well as pets for a long time and then get paid well in return. But with the advent of online shopping, even this form of art has gained its share of digitalization. 

Now online platforms are available who can make suitable custom pet portraits of the pictures of your pet, which you can then be framed and hung up on the walls of your house. 

It is a rather affordable and quicker way of getting the portrait of your lovely pet made. One of these online platforms is the CanvasPop. The website is well known for its pet art, and these can be ordered online as well with suitable frames.

Pet Designs on Pillows

You can even make use of pet art on the comforts you use with your couch. Yes, we are talking about your pillows with you might be using with the couch in your drawing rooms. These pillows can be covered with pillow covers that can have intricate designing of pet art forms. 

It can have a block impression, a print, or even an embroidery of your favorite pets or animals. Some might be finding this concept a little weird, but when the color coordination is matched with superior designs, it looks as good as any other art form that you might be willing to portray on the covers of your couch. 

Soft Toys in Decor

You might have seen the usage of soft toys as well in the designing of interiors and decors of houses. The same soft toys, if present in the form of your favorite animals or pets, can look extremely cute and will supplement the decor of your house. You can even select in the soft toys according to the choice of your children so that the soft toy can serve the dual purpose of aesthetics and utility. Ask your child, and it is surely useful! 

Mats with a Pet Theme

Another small but attractive form of pet art that you can include in your own house is by the inclusion of pet-themed doormats. Yes, the doormat of the house will be the first thing that any visitor shall be seeing. Cute pet-themed doormat preferably having a quote or a saying will surely be adding to the attraction quotient of your pet-themed decor. You can even have other forms of showpieces that are also along the same lines and designs which can be kept near the entrance of your house as a form of decoration for the immediate exteriors of your house. 

Pets on The Clocks

Clocks have always been an integral part of the designing of the decors of any house. Designs of clocks have been impressive and have been changing over the years. The pattern of the clock that you want to hang on the walls of your house must be in coordination with the overall theme that you have chosen for the house. 


This surely adds to the decorations and makes the clock look attractive, along with its common usage of showing the time. If you are a pet lover, then you can choose a lock with a design based on the pet art itself. Such clocks, be it the wall clocks or the table clocks, can be found easily on the online shopping platforms as well as in the common market places. You must think of giving it a try as it will cater to your expectations from a good pet theme for the house.

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