5 Tips On How to Increase Your Cat’s Lifespan

According to the Guinness World Book of Records, the oldest known cat, a mixed breed named Cream Puff, died at the eye-popping age of 38. The average lifespan of a kitty is 15. Here are 5 tips to better the life of your furry companion.

Keep Kitty Indoors

Times have vastly changed in the last fifty years. Back then it was considered normal to let Fluffy out roaming. Now that behavior is sure to get him killed.  Cats who are left to live outdoors lifespan is only about five and a half years.

Felines are killed by the thousands from cars and from eating something poisonous like mouse bait. Many towns and cities pick up any feline that is out of doors and stick them in the pound, where they may be put to sleep before their owners can find them.

Get Kitty Spayed or Neutered

Arguably, the best thing you can do for your furry friend’s lifespan is getting him or her neutered or spayed. A 2013 study by Banfield Pet Hospital showed that neutered toms live 62 percent longer than those left entires. Spayed females lived an average of 39 percent longer.

Even those of rare breeds should be neutered once they hit their senior years. Felines that are left to have kittens are prone to many diseases of their reproductive organs as they get older. Neutered toms and spayed queens are less prone to escaping and getting into potentially deadly fights.

Keep Kitty from Getting Fat

It’s hard not to give in to that begging face. This is one reason why obesity is a growing problem in household pets. Fat kitties are more prone to getting heart problems, arthritis, and other health issues. They also have more likely to have a bad reaction to anesthesia if they need to ever go under the knife. Since they are not going outside, you need to be the one to make sure the kitty gets enough exercise to burn off calories.

Feeding Fluffy the right diet is a major component of keeping him slim. Ask your veterinarian for recommendations and check out this list of top foods. Lastly, keep treats to a minimum.

Get Kitty An Annual Check-Up

It’s tempting in tight times to not take pets to the vet unless they are sick. However, by that time it may be too late. Just as your car needs an annual inspection so does your pet. Vets can keep small problems from turning into lethal ones. The earlier a pet is diagnosed the earlier treatment can start.

Fuss Over Kitty Every Day

Grooming and petting Kitty not only helps to strengthen the bond between you but also is a fun way to make sure he or she is doing fine. Warning signs include parasites, wounds, any strange lumps, sudden weight loss or unexplained hair loss. If a usually affectionate kitty does not want to be touched, that’s a neon sign to call the vet.

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