How to Choose the Ideal Pet Dog for Children?

Having a pet dog is one of the biggest desires of almost every child, the good thing is that dogs do good to small children. On the other hand, having animals in the family requires responsibility and must be a very wise decision to avoid unpleasant situations.

Therefore, in addition to helping to choose suitable pet dogs for children, we have an obligation to warn about the impact of these animals on the routine of the whole family.

Just as happiness happens when it comes to children’s happiness, care must be taken not to fall into the trap. Dogs and cats live for at least 10 to 15 years, including, many of them live for 20 or more.

Have you thought about that? Remember that responsible parents plan and do not take action based on impulse. In addition, even though the decision to have a puppy is to fulfill the wishes of children, it is the responsibility of parents to ensure animal welfare.

When we decided to have a dog for whatever reason, we bear the responsibility to provide a quality of life to furry, which includes good nutrition, animal care, hygiene care, rides and playing as a form of exercise and lots of love.

Beloved Puppies for Small Children

Pet dogs are ideal for small children, up to 7 years, preferably small or medium-sized, and are very tame and handling them well in a busy environment. That is why, although there are many large dogs with these characteristics, small children are quite fragile and can be hurt by jokes. In this way, dogs like Beagle, Shih-Tzu, and Pug, among others, are very good friends and have fun with guaranteed children.

However, remember that most incidents occur because of carelessness. Therefore, young children and animals should not be left unattended by adults for one minute.

Pet Dogs for Older Children and Adolescents

For older children and adolescents there is no size limit, because they are stronger and will take care of hair. The most important thing is temperament. As with young children, it is very important for dogs to be tame and play, besides having a good dose of energy. Among the most recommended dogs are Golden Retrievers, Boxers, Border Collie, and several other dog races and many SRDs.

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Adopt or Buy a Pet Dog?

Adopting or buying a pet dog is a rather complicated choice, so the first tip is to decide very calmly. On the one hand, adopting mutt is a sign of beautiful love, is to give an opportunity to animals left or born on the streets to be happy again. On the other hand, predicting the posture and temperament of a dog without offspring must be practically impossible, which can be a determining factor at the time of choice. Choosing a pet dog must be done with consideration, as well as choosing a luxury watch like Hublot. The slightest error can lead to long regrets.

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