Choosing the Perfect Puppy-The Complete Guideline

In a sense, it is not a minor decision you are going to take. Somehow it connects with your whole life and leaves a major impact on it. In fact, you are going to be old with him/her as he/she is going to be a part of your family.

Now, this is the right time for choosing the perfect one.  It also should be selected based on your current lifestyle also. Moreover, there are other considerable factors; you should prioritize before making a firm decision. Here I intend to show you the complete guideline about this topic. This will definitely help you figure out the right one.

A complete guideline for choosing the right puppy

Not only you are just bringing a pet to your home, but also it’s a big responsibility for you. Below I am going to share important tips to get a suitable idea about that.

1. Size of the Dog:

First of all, think about the size before getting one. This is a noticeable factor that should come into consideration.

Do you love to have a little pup on your lap? Or do you want a large and mature one for your home? The decision is up to you but I would love to help you provide some information regarding their character, their necessity based on the size variation.

In most cases, you will find small size puppy’s faint and vulnerable in nature. Your simple mistake of mishandling can cause serious damage to them.

In addition, they tend to be more sensitive in cold weather. That’s why extra care is necessary to rear them up just what you do for your own kids.

Again, they require training on discipline maintenance. Some of them tend to be more aggressive compared to their age. So, before bringing them at home, be fully prepared to manage.

On the other hand, large dogs require a wide place to move around your home. As they have long tails and large sizes, their crate should be big-sized. Since they love to take expensive foods, you should be prepared for money issues.

In my opinion, Medium size is a better option when choosing.  Yet, you are the master and you have your own choice and consideration. Take the right decision consulting with your family.

2. Visit The Right Breeder:

Breeders can tell you better about the pet more specifically. When you are going to visit a breeder, make sure he is the right one. To be sure, you can ask other people of his surroundings about him.

Fix a meeting with him prior to a litter has been born. Ask him about the bitch if this is her first time or not? Basically, choosing them from the third litter is the best because it does mean she had previous experience of producing a litter. In a word, she is strong and healthy. As a result, her litters will be positively affected by her nature.

3. Nature and Health Condition:

This is another notable consideration before choosing a puppy. Make sure he/she is healthy enough. To inquire about his/her health, you can seek assistance from their breeder. Moreover, there are some other ways to identify them rightfully.

As mentioned above, a pup’s good health depends on his/her mother in most cases. Examine him by making some sound before him. If he responds to you instantly, be sure he/she is not deaf.

Again, you can interact with them with your fingers. Which one moves aside from you is basically shy in nature. If anyone comes forward to you frequently, he/she is confident and active. Make sure he/she looks active, aware, and fit.

4. Examine Him Touching His Specific Organs:

To identify his/her nature genuinely, touch them with your fingers on ears, face, or paws. Submissive one will feel relaxed and comfortable with your affection. Aggressive puppies will get their way and avoid you. It may start barking when you touch it. Excessive barking can be controlled using the best anti-bark device.

Don’t select one which doesn’t feel comfortable with you. The right one will let you touch him/her gently.

5. Never Choose Too Much Aggressive Or Too Much Shy Puppy:

Aggressive dogs suddenly attack their master or other strangers brutally. How do you feel when your pup attacks you on any social programs? That’s why don’t select these natural dogs.

Moreover, too many shy dogs are not also perfect for you and your family members. They can’t protect you from dangers. They won’t respond to you quickly. It’s just like a burden for you to have. Choose a confident and submissive one that is not harsh in nature.

6. Check their Social Status:

When you are visiting the recently born litters with their mother, it is necessary to be careful. You should apply your eyes and sense to identify the right puppy.

When coming close to the litter, carefully check which one is playing with other littermates spontaneously and which one loves to be alone. That’s how you can have an idea about their social interaction.

7. Don’t Choose From Pet Stores:

Never try to buy a pup from pet stores in any way. If you intend to do it, you are going to take the worst decision. Generally, stores are full of different breed puppies. In addition, you can’t make sure about their root.

It’s better to buy them from a breeder as he/she has been rearing them for years after years. Again, you can gather satisfactory information about the puppy from the breeder.

Conclusion: Finally, I can say that it’s important to consider the factors I have mentioned here before choosing the perfect puppy. It’s your lifetime and important decision. Nevertheless, a friendship is going to establish between you two.

Soon, he will grow and learn to protect you applying all of his sensation and energy. Where will you find such a loyal companion like a dog? That’s why I would love to say it again and again, carefully decide a suitable puppy for your home following the guideline.

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