How To Calm Your Dog During Scary Thunders With CBD Treats

If you believe that your pet gets a bit nervous during scary thunders, it’s normal. Pet thunderstorm anxiety is a regular occurrence among our four-legged companions.

There are many pets across the country who receive actual prescriptions to help ease the anxiousness.

How To Calm Your Dog During Scary Thunders With CBD Treats

However, not all pet parents are okay with such medicines because of a lack of trust.

This situation has turned pet owners’ eyes towards CBD to help their dogs calm down. CBD treats for dogs can be beneficial and help them get a hold of their anxiety. 

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Why are dogs afraid of thunder?

Studies estimate that at least 40% of dogs experience anxiety during a thunderstorm. So, your pet is not the only one who has such a behavior.

Thunderstorm anxiety is directly associated with loud noises like thunder and fireworks. If your dog starts going crazy or becomes nervous, it is the case because they don’t understand what is going on.

Dogs don’t know what the loud noise is and consider it a threat, which manifests nervousness. All of that also triggers a fight or flight response that makes them chew, scratch, and damage your home. 

Some researchers also entertain the idea of static electricity building in the air as the cause of your dog’s anxiety.

The electricity in the air might build up in their coats and be painful. That pain is also why your dog may run down the basement during a thunderstorm.

Symptoms of thunderstorm anxiety

Sometimes it is difficult to understand whether your dog is just startled by thunder or experiencing anxiety. If you don’t know the symptoms, it’s hard to distinguish between the two cases. Here are some of the common symptoms of thunderstorm anxiety in dogs:

  • Trembling
  • Pacing
  • Panting
  • Whimpering
  • No Appetite
  • Nervously licking lips
  • Having accidents inside the house even after house-training
  • Extreme aggression
  • Non-stop barking
  • Fidgeting

Some of these may be common occurrences for your dog. But, if they show them repeatedly during storms, they might be suffering from thunderstorm anxiety. Sometimes, your dog may even try to hide the anxiety and be very clingy if they’re afraid.

How does CBD help your dog with thunderstorm anxiety?

It’s a well-known fact that CBD for humans has many health benefits. What’s not as prominent is that CBD is also good for your pets. Moreover, many pet parents have said that CBD helps their dogs or cats relieve anxiety and pain. 

These benefits sound very similar to what they are for humans. That is the case because dogs and other animals have an endocannabinoid system just like humans.

You can keep a stack of CBD treats for your dogs to give them the benefits of relaxation without any intoxication.

The “high effect” of mari-juana results from THC in it, and CBD products have little or no amount of THC at all. So, CBD treats for dogs can help them fight the anxiety of thunderstorms or loud noises.

CBD also has a few side effects and potential risks. Although none of the side effects are grave, you should always consider everything.

A common danger with any CBD products is the chance of getting poor-quality products. Some manufacturers are not genuine and provide CBD products with unwanted substances along with it.

Most notably, a larger quantity of THC in them. This problem is preventable by doing proper research and asking other pet owners about their choice.

You can also speak to your veterinarian and buy these products directly from them. Another side effect is dry mouth which is easy to manage as your dog will only feel a little thirsty.

Lastly, you need to know if your dog has any allergic reactions to CBD. This problem is also easily avoidable by consulting your veterinarian.

How to give CBD to your dog?

Like we said earlier, CBD has a similar effect on dogs as it does on humans. However, dogs are much more sensitive to CBD than humans are. So, it would be best if you gave smaller doses of CBD than what you may take for yourself. 

The dose sizes for your dog will depend on what type of CBD you give them. The best procedure would be to go for CBD products dedicated to pets. Whatever you choose to get, make sure you read the instructions before giving anything to your dog.

The instructions will have the amount you need to give per pound of their body weight. A standard amount is around 1-2mg per 10 pounds of body weight. 

As far as the methods go, there are two ways to give CBD to your dogs.

CBD treats for dogs are easy and enjoyable for your dogs and you as well. There is no need to make a recipe or carefully count the doses. Just give a specified amount of CBD treats to your dog 30 minutes before a meal or just before a thunderstorm. 

CBD oil is a little more complex way to give CBD to your dogs. You need to measure the drops of CBD oil as per instructions directly into their mouth.

Sometimes it can get a little harder to provide CBD like this, depending on your dog. You can also infuse the CBD oil in food and make it easier for you. However, this method will take a little longer than taking it sublingually.

Final Thoughts

No pet parent wants to see their dog suffering during scary thunders or anytime. Trying to help your dog may be difficult but leaving them all on their own to deal with it is also not easy.

If you want to help your dog through this unsettling situation, try CBD treats for dogs. The benefits are not Sure Shot, and the evidence is only anecdotal.

However, you can do your research and consult your vet to get the best advice for you and your canine buddy.

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