7 Ways to Raise Your Dog Holistically

If you’ve recently added a furry friend to your family, you’re probably still deciding how you want to raise your new baby. One method you want to seriously consider is raising your animal companion naturally. Many say that raising your pet naturally is the healthiest way. Consult your vet to decide if the holistic approach is the right route for you. The following are a few natural things that you can incorporate into the way you raise your dog.

1. Do Research Before Adopting a Puppy

Before adopting, do your homework. Find out which breeds are the healthiest and can stay with your family the longest. Consider choosing a dog that’s a mix of breeds as they are often healthier.

Make sure the place you’re buying from follows ethical practices. Run from chain pet stores and puppy mills.

During this time, consider the alternative of adopting a rescue. When you choose to bring in a rescue, you likely will not get a newborn pup. However, you will be saving a life and will be given the opportunity to make this dog’s life better.

2. Feed Your Dog the Freshest Meat-Based Food You Can Get

When deciding what will go into your pet’s diet, you want to include more than canned and dry dog food. A limited ingredient dog food can also be a great option for dogs with sensitive stomachs, and also for dogs that need food for skin allergies.

Don’t buy any food that has fillers, such as potatoes, tapioca, most grains, etc. Many pet owners agree that a variety of raw foods in moderation is the best way to promote your dog’s health.

Luckily, there are many great options commercially available for raw food. Some of these include Wysong, Vital Essential, ZiwiPeak, and The Honest Kitchen.

3. Minimize Pharmaceutical Use

Your dog needs his vaccines. However, if you want to raise your furry friend in a more natural way, try to cut out other types of drugs. Some pet owners advise staying away from “anti’s,” which work against your pet’s body. These types of drugs include anti-inflammatories and antibiotics.

To help your pet get over injuries or illnesses, try utilizing homeopathic treatments instead. There are products made specifically for pets that gently and safely stimulate natural healing, such as organic CBD for dogs. There are similar products out there for dogs as well that deal with pain management and have other healing properties.

4. Try to Avoid Environmental Toxins

When you’re cleaning your house or up after your pets, stay away from noxious and harmful cleaning chemicals. Look for safer, green cleaning products. They will reduce the outgassing from carpets and paints. When taking your dog for a walk, avoid areas that are typically sprayed with insecticides, like golf courses.

6. Minimize Emotional and Environmental Stress

Pets, especially dogs and cats, experience many of the same emotions that humans do. You don’t want to ever leave your pets alone for continuously long periods of time or ever scream at them. When you interact with your dog, do so in a way that positively stimulates them and do it often. Enrich their environment by giving them toys and getting them trained.

7. Maximize Exercise

To raise your pets naturally, you have to not only mentally stimulate them but also physically. If you’re trying to incorporate healthy living for a pet you’ve had for a long time, then consult your vet before any vigorous exercise. If your pet is in poor health or is overweight, it’s very important to consult your vet.

The Bottom Line

Be open to learning and consult professionals when you need to. When you keep an open mind, you’ll learn new ways to help you take better care of your pets.

Richard Hayes

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  1. If you’re looking for holistic ways to raise your dog, the first thing to do is determine what “holistic” means. The word can have multiple meanings, of course, but it typically refers to natural or organic methods of caring for an animal that is based on sound scientific knowledge of animal behavior and health needs. It also includes providing a clean environment with fresh air and water–something even many pet owners neglect!

    You might be interested in reading about some holistic feeding options for dogs. There are three general approaches: homemade diets (raw or cooked), high-quality commercial foods matched with supplements, or raw food diets supplemented by nutrient-rich supplements blended into kibble. Whichever option you choose will depend on your budget.

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