Guide to Pet Care and Pet Supplies for Cats and Dogs

Having a pet is a full-time job that no one wants to fail. We love our pets so much, which is why we never settle for less when it comes to knowing how to give our dogs and cats the best lives possible.

This means providing our furry friends with high-quality products and expert care. Avoid common pet-care mistakes by following this tell-all guide to maximizing your knowledge about the worlds of cat and dog ownership.

cat and dog ownership

Understand your Pet’s Health

Dogs are at risk for many sicknesses like salmonella, ringworm, and pesticide poisoning. They are also prone to ear infections and kidney failure. Cats are particularly susceptible to urinary tract infections, worms, and eye issues.

Your pet can’t tell you what’s wrong or what hurts, so make sure you do your research about potential health concerns that dogs and cats may face. Embrace Pet Insurance has a convenient database of dog and cat diseases from A-Z so you can quickly narrow your search if there is a problem with your pet and you haven’t been to a veterinarian.

But make sure your dog or cat is still set up with a skilled veterinarian. You wouldn’t settle for mediocre healthcare, so why should your furry companion?

For most cats and dogs, yearly vet visits are recommended. But depending on your pet’s health, you may need to go more often – cat’s with FIV, for example, should see a vet as often as twice a year.

Spend your Money Wisely

PetVetsOnline makes it easy to explore the best medicines sourced from all over the world at a fraction of the usual cost. They offer brand-name tick and flea products for 30% to 50% cheaper than other pet supply stores. When you do need to run into your local pet store ASAP, check for coupons before you shop.

Many pet-oriented purchases are repeated, so a lot of brands offer subscription services at a reduced cost. If there’s a specific brand of food your pet loves, companies like Chewy will allow you to set up a recurring payment and have your favorite products delivered to you based on a schedule that you set.  This is extra convenient for purchases you know you’ll be making frequently, like cat litter or dog food.

Never Stop Learning

If you’re going to own a pet, it’s important that you stay educated about pet health, nutrition, behavior, and breeds. Do them a favor by scanning pet blogs for information that may pertain to your dog or cat.

It may seem silly to consider health risks that haven’t surfaced yet, but you never know what situation your pet is going to be in and what type of care they’ll need. Don’t just rely on your own intuition when your dog or cat’s health could be at stake.

Another reason to stay on top of pet care research is so that you can be aware of product and food recalls. It seems like a new dog or cat food is being recalled every week, whether it’s for salmonella or toxic levels of vitamin D, so it’s important to stay on top of the news and make sure your pet’s food is safe.

The Bottom Line

Having a dog or cat is like having a child, so preparing for their arrival can be a daunting task. There’s so much untapped information about pets available to just about anyone. Besides consulting a veterinarian, you should use all of these resources to make sure your pets are as happy and healthy as can be.

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