10 Fun Facts About German Shepherds Every Perspective Owner Should Know

I love German Shepherds so much that I can’t help but gush about the cute, less-known side of these powerful animals. Their good behavior mixed with a hint of playfulness is what really makes them stand out. Today I’m excited to share some fun facts about German Shepherds that show how great these dogs are not only for how hard they work but also for how joyously silly they can be.

These fun facts about German Shepherds will make you laugh out loud and love them even more, whether it’s their funny accidents around the house or the sweet ways they show their loyalty. Let’s dive into the funny world of German Shepherds, where each day is a new journey full of pleasure and love.

Let’s dive into some amusing and perhaps lesser-known fun facts about german shepherds:

  1. The Vacuum Cleaners of the Dog World: German Shepherds are known for their love of food and are often jokingly referred to as “four-legged vacuum cleaners.” They’re not picky eaters, and they will frequently be found closely monitoring the kitchen floor for any accidental food drops.
  2. They Talk Back: German Shepherds are pretty vocal and are known for their wide range of sounds. They don’t just bark; they’re likely to whine, grunt, moan, and make other peculiar sounds to “talk” to their humans, making for some amusing conversations.
  3. Dramatic Actors: These dogs can be pretty surprising. If they’re not happy about something, like you stopping the belly rubs, they’re not shy about throwing a dramatic sigh or giving you the saddest puppy eyes in the world to let you know of their displeasure.
  4. Tail-Wagging Tornadoes: Their tails are not just for wagging. When excited, a German Shepherd’s tail can become a weapon of mass destruction in the home. Coffee cups, magazines, and lightweight objects are no match for the enthusiastic tail whip of a happy German Shepherd.
  5. Masters of Shedding: Often jokingly called “German Shedders,” these dogs shed 365 days a year. Owners often say that you can build another dog with the amount of fur they shed weekly. It’s a good thing they’re adorable!
  6. Stealth Mode Activated: Despite their size, German Shepherds can be surprisingly stealthy. They have a way of silently appearing right behind you, which can be startling—especially if you thought you were alone in the room.
  7. The Great Pretenders: German Shepherds are known to sometimes “fake” an injury for attention. They might limp dramatically to get sympathy, only to miraculously recover when they see their leash for a walk or their favorite toy.
  8. Mud Magnet: No matter how clean they are, German Shepherds have a unique talent for finding the muddiest spot in the park. They believe that a good roll in the mud is the pinnacle of a great outing.
  9. Obesity Is Common In GSDs: German Shepherds are prone to a variety of health issues, including digestive and skin problems. While many of these aren’t preventable and can arise at any age, one common health problem that owners can manage is obesity. German Shepherds love food and are prone to obesity, especially if their exercise routine changes. So, owners need to be vigilant and make sure their dog doesn’t eat too much. If you’re switching your dog to a new diet, such as raw dog food, make sure you use a raw dog food calculator to ensure you feed the right amount. You’ll then be able to make sure they have enough food without gaining any extra pounds. Remember, German Shepherds enjoy meals and will pretend to be hungry for an extra snack, so learn to turn away those puppy dog eyes! 
  10. You’re Not Alone In Loving GSDs: German Shepherds are popular around the world, and many celebrities own these stunning dogs. Thanks to their great temperaments and stunning looks, these beautiful dogs are a great choice for everyone and have fitted into the lifestyles of many famous stars and world leaders. Celebrities with German Shepherds range from Tom Hanks to Miley Cyrus and everyone in between. GSDs are also the preferred breed of President Joe Biden, so you’ll be in illustrious company if you choose to get yourself a German Shepherd Dog. The breed has also appeared extensively in pop culture, with German Shepherds being the stars of in many popular TV shows and movies, from classics like Rin Tin Tin to modern movies like I Am Legend. 

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In Conclusion

Remember, while these facts are shared in good fun, each German Shepherd has its own unique personality, making them all the more lovable and entertaining to their families. Bringing home a German Shepherd puppy is an exciting time, but prospective owners should understand the importance of proper care right from the start. Though intelligent and eager to please, German Shepherds need extensive training and socialization to become well-behaved companions. Provide your puppy with structure by establishing a routine for feeding, exercise, training, and playtime. 

German Shepherds thrive when given a job to do, so be prepared to actively engage with your pup through activities like agility, obedience training, or even dog sports. With the right care and attention, German Shepherds can be loving members of any family, so make sure you do your research before you get one! If you do want to add a German Shepherd to your pack, take the time to research reputable breeders that carry out rigorous health testing, or consider giving a rescue dog a new lease of life. 

Brenda Thompson

Brenda Thompson is an expert in dog behavior with over a decade of experience, and she is also passionate about working with cats and birds. In addition to contributing pet content to petdogplanet.com, she is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant. Brenda received her Bachelor of Science in Biological and Biomedical Sciences & Philosophy from Colorado College in 2014. She has taken classes in writing and remote animal behavior consulting, as well as courses on how to manage aggressive dogs and litter box issues. In 2016, she obtained her dog behavior consulting certification and joined the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.

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