Dog Healthcare Made Easy For You in Simple Steps

It is a well-known fact that pets are our best friends. They will always be with you. And they will always love you. Many people have dogs, cats, parrots, hamsters and even some exotic pets. But the majority of people have dogs. These animals are very kind and funny; they will always protect their masters. However, it is very difficult to take care of a dog.

For example, if you have a small apartment, you can’t take there a big dog. It will not be enough space for it and for you. Even a small dog in a small flat can be a problem. So, the best variant is when you live in a big house with a yard, where your pet can play.

dog care tips

First of all, you will face a problem of choice. If you want your pet feel secure, browse Pet Tags online for cat id tags, or other products.

What dog will you choose? If you want some concrete race, it is easier, but if don’t know and just want to have a dog, you should read about dog races, about their features and then decide. Nowadays you can find much information on the Internet. There are many sites for pet lovers. There are also many pet stores online where you can buy all necessary dog supplies.

Of course, everybody loves puppies, but they grow up very fast. And elder dogs which were not taken from the nursery find themselves in the streets. After you have finally chosen your dog, you take it to your home. However, there must be a place prepared for your pet dog.

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If you take a puppy, you should have some special puppy supplies, for example, dog food for puppies, dog toys for puppies and many others. As for the dog food, you must buy only healthy food for your pet dog. It is very important to look after your dog’s health.

When you choose dog toys, you must be very careful. There are different toys for different races. For example, a big dog can just swallow a small toy. So, it is very dangerous. You can also find much useful information on the Internet.

In pet stores online you will find a description for every product, so it will be easy to choose them. Besides, what for you need to go anywhere if you can buy everything online?

If you decide to have a dog, you must remember that it is a great responsibility for you.

You are responsible for your pet and you will never forgive yourself if something happens to your pet dog. If you take care of them, they will be happy and you will be also happy.

So, choose a dog and enjoy having a real friend. Whatever, you should read this whole article carefully, because you will get some essential dog care tips and dog adoption guideline from this article that will help you to keep your dog healthy and happy.


1. Choose the Right Breed

Most of the people do this mistake when they go for choosing a dog/puppy. All most 90% people choose their puppy by watching its cuteness that is a big mistake. Do you want to do this mistake? No way!

You can read the “The Dog Encyclopedia” by DK. He has covered all the history, breeds, care, health, and positive training of dogs.

dog breeds

Every puppy is cute, so should not choose a puppy by watching only its beauty rather it’s quality of the breed. You should choose those breeds which are quite easy to train, faithful, gentle, and friendly with the kids and the owner’s family. I have already written a post on this topic – 20 Smart Dog Breeds That Are Easiest To Train. That post might be helpful for you to choose a right breed.

3. Dog Collar and ID Tag

You need to place a Dog Collar with a proper identification Tag on your dog’s neck. This will helps you in the case of losing your dog. This identification tag will help your dog to get back to you. If someone finds your dog, he can reach you with the information that you left in the dog’s identification collar. This is an ultimate safety tool for your dog. But sometimes the dog’s collar may come off. As the collar isn’t too tight on the neck it may come out with little effort. To get rid of this problem there is now a microchip ID tag that can be implanted under the dog’s skin.

Blueberry Pet 32 Colors Classic Dog Collar, Medium Turquoise, Small, Neck 12″-16″, Nylon Collars for Dogs

3. License and Vaccine

vaccine dog

Would you like to be hit with a penalty of $250? I know the answer will be of course a Big No. Licensed your dog is your first responsibility and you can not ignore this. You can be hit with a penalty of up to $250 if your dog caught by a city official without a license. So be careful!

You could not get a dog license without a proof of rabies vaccination. So visit your nearest pet center and vaccinate your dog. For more information about the License process, you can visit this the link below and read this PDF by NYC  Dog License Application and Instructions (DOWNLOAD).

Dog Licensing information worldwide

But don’t forget to come back, because there are a lot of information and dog care tips are available here that will really helpful for you to keep your dog healthy.

Puppy Feeding Schedule – How Often should I Feed My Puppy?

When getting a new puppy, the number one question is how often should I feed my puppy. I am going to give you all the answers to all your puppy feeding questions.

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How Often Should I Feed My Puppy?

When first getting a puppy it is best to feed your puppy based on its age. If your puppy is between six and twelve weeks, it is best to feed four times a day. Puppies that are thirteen weeks to six months old, it is best to feed three times a day. Any puppy over six months should eat twice a day.

When Is The Best Time To Feed My Puppy?

Feeding your puppy should be done on a schedule. Do not feed too late in the evening, as a puppy might need to take extra potty breaks during the night. It is best to space out feedings for the younger puppies every two to four hours, and the older puppies every six to eight hours. Remember set a cut off time about three to four hours before you plan on going to sleep for the night.

How Much Should I Feed My Puppy?

The amount of food will depend on the size of puppy that you picked out. A small breed puppy will not eat near as much as a larger breed. The best way to judge feeding is to pour one cup of food in a bowl at the designated feeding time and let the puppy eat as much as it wants for ten to fifteen minutes. If the puppy needs more than a cup give a little extra and adjust at your next feeding. If the puppy does not eat it all give less at your next feeding. Be sure to watch your puppies waist and activity levels to be sure that puppy is not overeating.

How To Feed Puppy?

You should feed your new puppy a dry kibble food. Try to find one that is formulated for puppies. These types of foods are made to help your growing puppy get all the nutrients that it needs to develop into a healthy dog. For smaller breed puppies they make a small bite puppy formula to fit the needs of developing small dogs.

Some brands have size specific puppy formula dry kibble. When feeding your puppy be sure to stick to the same food to keep from its stomach getting upset. If you need to change do so gradually. Mix food half and a half and then less and less of the old food until you are just using the new food. This will keep your new puppies tummy happy.

Feeding Schedule For A Puppy:

Here are some sample feeding schedules for puppies:

Six to twelve weeks:

1st Feeding: 9:00AM

1st Feeding: 9:00AM

2nd Feeding: 12:00 AM

3rd Feeding: 3:00 PM

4th Feeding: 6:00PM

Thirteen weeks to six months:

1st Feeding: 9:00AM

2nd Feeding: 1:00 PM

3rd Feeding: 5:00 PM

Six months and older:

1st Feeding: 9:00 AM

2nd Feeding: 5:00 PM

These are some guidelines to follow when feeding your new puppy. You will have to adjust the times and make changes to fit into your daily schedule. You want your new puppies schedule and your schedule to run smoothly together. As long as you follow the guidelines you and your new puppy will be happy together.

Your pet is truly a member of Your family so keeping him or her safe, should definitely be a priority. Dog-proofing Your House or apartment is the first step in ensuring that your pet stays healthy and happy!

Dog-proofing Your Home is similar to child-proofing Your home. Rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms can pose a threat to Your beloved pet because of items such as medications, cleaning supplies and even hair care products. Dog-proofing these two rooms should be high on Your list and here are some Tips you can follow to guarantee Your Home is Safe for Your dog.

Tips for Dog-Proofing Your Home

1. Dog-proofing kitchens and bathrooms

  • Place items such as shampoos, conditioners, hair spray, hair coloring kits and shaving cream up in a high place such as a cupboard in Your bathroom.
  • Medications, cleaning supplies and laundry soaps and fabric softeners should also be kept in a place that is too high for a Dog to reach. They can chew on The bottles, ingesting dangerous chemicals that could adversely affect their health, cause injuries, or worse.
  • Keep the toilet lid down to prevent pets from potentially drinking harmful chemicals and making a watery mess all over Your bathroom.
  • Since many foods, for example, chocolate and peanut butter that contains the chemical called Xylitol that can poisonous, Keep food items secure so that your Dog cannot access them. You can even install childproof latches on Your cabinets just to be safe.
  • Maintain garbage cans with their lids so that pets cannot get into garbage since there could be foods dangerous to dogs or packaging’s that are harmful to dogs in Your garbage can.

2. Dog-proof The garage and backyard

  • Check Your fence and gate to ensure that there are no spaces in which your Dog could squeeze through and become lost or stolen.
  • Sweep and mop The garage to ensure that The area is free of chemicals such as oil and anti-freeze.
  • Place chemicals kept in The garage like gasoline for Your lawn mower in a closet or cupboard that cannot be accessed by Your dog.
  • Keep tools and other sharp objects in safe places so that dogs cannot try to chew on them.

3. Dog Proofing The family and living rooms

  • Like flowers in The backyard, house plants can also pose a threat to your Dog so make sure The ones you place in Your Living room are safe and non-poisonous.
  • Make sure all furnace or air conditioning vents are covered properly.
  • Tape up dangling wires from computers, lamps, stereos, television sets and other appliances so your Dog cannot chew on them and possibly get electrocuted.
  • Keep all breakable items such as ashtrays, knick-knacks, and vases in a high place in which dogs cannot knock them over.
  • Be cautious when kids or other family members play board games or with toys so that your Dog does not choke on small pieces left behind.

4. Dog Proof The Bedroom

  • Similar to the family and living areas of your house, secure all dangling wires so that your pet cannot chew on them.
  • Place items such as lotions, medicine, or cosmetics on a bedside table or other location so your Dog cannot access them.
  • Put socks, shoes and similar items in drawers so they are not on the floor where dogs can chew or ingest them, causing significant health issues.
  • Check drawers and closets before closing to ensure Your pet has not made their way inside to take a nap.

Ensure Healthy Dog Food for Your Dog

best dry dog food

It’s your responsibility to ensure the best food for your dog/puppy. You need to read the label carefully and understand the contents about the dog feed types, whenever you feed the dog with a different kind of ready-made food of different company. We have dog food advisor team who can help you out whenever you need. They have written several dog food reviews on basis of their research. Please visit the link given above to get some excellent dog food

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