Do Calming Dog Treats Work?

Have you ever wished you could use a quick and easy do-it-yourself technique to help your anxious or stressed dog? Some owners may not be aware that more than 70% of dogs display anxiety. But giving your dog a diet full of herbs and treats that calm him down can help a lot.

Anxiety can make dogs challenging to handle. It causes them to misbehave at home or freak out at the veterinarian or groomer.

Not sure if calm dog treats work? Keep reading to find out!

Do Dog Calming Treats Work?

Yes, calming treats for dogs do work. These products are formulated, contain all-natural ingredients, and require proper administration. These treats help dogs calm down and feel less anxious, which helps them handle scary or dangerous situations better.

The active ingredients in calming treats can lower stress hormones and let out natural pheromones that make people feel calm. It helps dogs stay calm even when they are in strange places or when there is a lot going on.

Additionally, it would be best if you give treats to dogs as soon as they show signs of stress. You can also give them before they enter a difficult situation.

What are the Ingredients of Dog Calming Treats

Many calming dog treats have natural calming ingredients such as chamomile, valerian root, and l-tryptophan. These key ingredients help promote relaxation and alleviate dog anxiety, leading to calmer behavior. These ingredients are effective in soothing anxious behavior in both dogs and cats.

Additionally, these ingredients are essential for helping to regulate the production of serotonin. They can aid in the reduction of stress-related behaviors such as excessive barking and destructive behavior.

Safety Concerns

You should note that not all calming products are safe for all breeds of dogs. For example, some calming products contain ingredients such as chamomile and valerian, which can be toxic to some dogs. It is essential to research and choose a calming product that is specifically designed for use with your type of dog. 

Different Types of Calming Dog Treats

Each dog is different, so it’s best to experiment with different calming treats to see which is best for your pup. There are soft, calming chews suitable for dogs of any age, too. You can click here for more to see if there’s one that’s ideal for your dog.

You may also want to consult your veterinarian before giving any calming dog treats to your pup. The proper calming dog treats can effectively calm your pup during stressful times.

Calm Dog Treats Work and May Be What Your Dog Needs

Calm dog treats bring hope to many dog owners. They may be an effective way to reduce anxiety and behavior issues in dogs. 

The effectiveness of calm dog treats varies with each pet. Some may take a few days before they start to see the desired effects, while others may find that they feel relaxed. Each pet will respond differently to calming treats, so it is best to have a veterinarian consultation to know the best course of action.

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