6 Tips to Take Good Care of a Disabled Pitbull

Pitbull is a type of dogs which are descended from bulldogs and terriers. Many of these breeds were originally developed as fighting dogs from cross-breeding bull-baiting dogs. Pitbull also represents the majority of dogs used for illegal dog fighting in America. If a disabled person is suffering from his disability, we will take some extra care on him. The same way the disabled pitbull also should be taken care equal to humans. Let’s see some extra care of what should be taken on the disabled pitbull in this article. Here is a good link for general pittbull care tips.

1. Cleanliness

The normal pitbull will take care of it without anybody’s help. But the disabled pitbull can’t take care of it without someone’s help. We should always take care of the cleanliness of the disabled pitbull so, we can maintain without any diseases attacking it. Many disabled pitbull suffer from incontinence and are unable to sufficiently groom them. Hence, we will need to keep up with hygiene and grooming for the sake of our household and our animal’s health and comfort.

We should expect to bathe our disabled pitbull every few days. If our disabled pitbull begins suffering from dry skin due to frequent baths, our veterinarian may recommend a moisturizing shampoo as well as topical conditioning treatments or sprays. We should keep using the shampoo on a regular basis which will help the disabled pitbull to be clean and neat to protect them from the diseases. Dry pet shampoo will be very useful for spot cleaning our disabled pitbull up between washes. Baby wipes can come in helpful for cleaning up hair and keeping skin wet. We should always clean away any urine immediately, as urine can cause some infection when left on the skin. We can use the dog diaper to avoid the untidy state of the place where the disabled pitbull spent the time. We should always keep the disabled pitbull bedding clean and neat. We should wash the bed regularly and make the bed with the nylon material that is used to absorb moisture easily. We should also wash the bed cover while we are washing the bed. We should also take care of the good flea and tick control in maintaining the disabled pitbull.

2. Bladder Care & Skin Care

Even the good it pitbull urinate in the bed with the unconscious and it is very common to take care of the bladder in the disabled pitbull. Many disabled pitbull are unable to urinate on their own. Even if we see urine in your pet’s bedding, it may simply be overflow from a too-full bladder. A bladder that is not often emptied can lead to bladder illness, which is not only painful for the disabled pitbull, but can also spread to the kidneys and cause serious problems. To avoid that we want to be very careful on bladder care.

The disabled pitbull might not have full mobility and many disabled pitbull are able to change positions or pull them around. Because they regularly cannot feel the pain related to rubbing or rasping moving around can let it to skin damage and aching in weak areas such as the elbows, hips, and ankles. In this case, we want to get suggestions from the veterinarian or in some cases, the disabled pitbull may need to wear permanent bandaging or padding in the body to avoid the pain of the skin problem. And keeping two beds are very comfortable for the disabled pitbull which can use one while the other is getting a wash.

3. Physical Therapy

The disabled pitbull feel something hard to walk and do the routine work like the normal Pitbull. To get reduce to this problem we should regularly go for physical therapy for the disabled pitbull. Flexibility and muscle tone are important for the disabled pitbull comfort, however, exercise can be hard to come by when the disabled pitbull finds it difficult to move around. Physical therapy that includes a range of motion exercises can be beneficial to some disabled pitbull which can get some improvement from the previous condition. The special massages for the pet animals also can help to improve blood circulation and soothe sore muscles and joints for the disabled pitbull.

Caring for a disabled pitbull can be a big job, but one that comes with many rewards. If we go for the regular physical therapy and massage to our disabled pitbull and we can find the relationship between us and the disable pitbull grows stronger than you ever thought possible.

4. Dog wheelchairs for back legs & or front legs

Dog wheelchairs or carts can be a great option for a disabled pitbull which will play the role of strong front legs and a strong upper body. A dog wheelchair for back legs gives the disabled pitbull more freedom to move around, which is good for both their physical and psychological health. They don’t want any support from others and lead the normal life by them self. By this way of self-support, it will get the good level of self-confidence and it will not see any separation from the other Pitbull.

We can also help disabled pitbull to move around with a harness. A harness wraps under the disabled pitbull and has handles on top that allow us to lift the disabled pitbull front or hindquarters while they walk with their own legs. Before using a harness, we should make sure that we have received detailed instruction from a veterinarian or a physical therapist, as some improper usage could be harmful to your dog. Hence, we can avoid the harm to the disabled pitbull choosing the suitable and comfort wheelchairs for both front legs and back legs.

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5. Treatments from the Veterinarian

Pets in our home should be taken treatments by the veterinarian doctors. They will give the proper solution to the animals comparing to the normal doctors. The treatment given to the disabled pitbull should be something special compared to the treatment given to the normal Pitbull. The treatment should not be postponed to a few days, it should be given to the disabled pitbull on a regular basis which will keep the disabled pitbull in a good condition.

The injections and tablets which should be maintained for the disabled pitbull should be taken at the proper time to keep the disabled pitbull steady. Even the monthly checkup also should be done on the proper basis and it should not be skipped which will affect the disabled pitbull health. We should follow the advice of the Veterinarian and should not move on our own suggestion what we have and it may so some unwanted reaction on the disabled pitbull.

6. Avoid Isolation

The disabled pitbull will be looked at something different from the normal Pitbull. By seeing that we should not treat it differently. We should make the environment to disabled pitbull to get combined with the normal Pitbull. If we make the disabled pitbull as isolated from the other Pitbull, it may lose the self-confidence and it will get into some disease. We want to make the arrangements for the disabled pitbull to play with the normal pitbull which will not find the disabled ability in it. The help of the wheelchairs will make them do the activities as like the normal Pitbull. By combining the disabled pitbull with the normal pitbull it will get the love shared from the other dogs and will not have the thought of being separated from others and will not worry about the disabled ability on them

These are some tips to take care of a disabled pitbull to keep the mindset of the Pitbull on a normal level.

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