Why CBD Oil For Dogs is Catching on Across Canada – The Basics

If you live in Canada, then you’ve probably heard about CBD oil and the many benefits it provides both people and dogs.

The Canadian CBD industry has grown so much that we can treat all sorts of ailments and provide users with therapeutic effects. But since the subject of today’s article are dogs, we figured we’d give you the top reasons why Canadian dog owners are choosing CBD oil.

What Is CBD Oil?

Like always, many of you might not be familiar with CBD oil and what it actually does. CBD is a natural compound found in hemp and the cannabis Sativa plant. Through many extraction methods, of which the CO2 is the safest and best one, we can extract CBD and other cannabinoids and turn them into all sorts of products such as oil, gummies and other edibles, creams, salves, etc.

Out of the many products that exist, oil is the most versatile one as it can be infused with a wide variety of products. Since its legalization, Canadians have been using CBD oil to treat all sorts of ailments, disorders, conditions, and even relieve pain, among others.

Why Are Canadian Dog Owners Choosing CBD Oil?

While humans and dogs are inherently different, many of the CBD effects apply to both. We can choose CBD oil for our dogs to treat very similar disorders as humans would. Since the compound interacts with the endocannabinoid system, and we know that every mammal has this system, we can successfully ease the negative effects of particular disorders, ailments, and conditions in dogs.

Here are the top reasons why Canadian dog owners choose CBD oil.

  • Treat Canine Anxiety

Dog owners know that our canine companions are susceptible to the effects of anxiety. A nervous pup is an unhappy one, and it can react negatively to its surroundings when suffering from an anxiety attack.

There are quite a few scenarios where our dogs would feel so miserable that they get instantly anxious. You might not like it, but letting off fireworks is the biggest cause of anxiety attacks in dogs.

Canines react very poorly to loud noises and flashy lights. And no matter how much they try to hide, the loud noise from fireworks and firecrackers are enough to unsettle your dog so much that it will end up shivering and whimpering.

  • Treat Arthritis and Osteoporosis

Older dogs suffer from stiff joints just as humans do. This is especially the case for many common breeds such as the Labradors and Alsatians. And these breeds can have their quality of life seriously hampered by arthritis and osteoporosis.

These conditions cause all kinds of suffering. So one way Canadian dog owners treat arthritis and osteoporosis is by giving their dogs CBD oil. CBD can reduce inflammation and relieve pain. As a matter of fact, we use CBD oil specifically for such conditions.

Although it won’t make these conditions go away, CBD oil can lessen the pain, aches, and inflammation caused by many similar conditions.

  • Prevent Epilepsy Attacks

Epilepsy attacks and dogs are two things that are very common with one another. If you’ve never seen your dog have an epilepsy attack, then you’re in luck as the condition creates a sight no one forgets. Not only that, but the condition makes it very distressing for the canine itself.

And one way to prevent epilepsy is by giving your dog CBD oil. There’s plenty of research on the matter and the evidence is promising. CBD oil can prevent epilepsy attacks in both humans and dogs. Canadians whose dogs suffer from epilepsy attacks and seizures have also reported that CBD oil does indeed work in preventing the condition.

Is CBD Oil Safe For Dogs?

Naturally, no one would look to harm their dog so this is a question that every Canadian dog owner asks. You might have heard all sorts of things that CBD oil can do for your dog, but you’re not really sure if it’s safe.

So, is it? The answer is yes. And while there’s plenty of research still to be done in regards to it, giving CBD oil is safe for both humans and dogs.

One thing you should worry about is what type of CBD contains the product. You should actively look for CBD oil that doesn’t contain any THC. THC can cause issues in pets so look for Broad Spectrum oil or oil made from CBD isolate.

Are There Any Side Effects?

This is a frequent follow-up question to the previous one. We currently don’t know whether dogs can experience possible side effects of using CBD oil. What we can do is assume there are possible side effects based on how CBD affects humans.

  • Dry Mouth 

While nothing uncommon, CBD can reduce the production of saliva. This isn’t anything dangerous as all it can cause is your dog to get more thirsty.

  • Lowered Blood Pressure

Again, lower blood pressure isn’t necessarily something dangerous or harmful. Even small dosages of CBD oil can make your dog more drowsy and sleepy. This is in fact why humans use CBD oil; because it makes you fall asleep easily.

How To Make Sure You’re Buying Quality CBD Oil For Your Dog?

And lastly, we’ll give you a few tips on how to make sure you’re buying quality CBD oil for your dog.

  • Always Buy Organic

No matter how you look at it, dogs don’t react the same way as humans do when it comes to trying out new solutions for disorders. A bad product can harm dogs more than humans. So whenever buying CBD oil for dogs, always make sure you’re buying organic.

  • Look At Lab Results

Canadian dog owners should put in the extra effort to look at the lab results in relation to the particular CBD oil. Every CBD oil manufacturer should provide lab results that vouch for the quality and safety of the product.

  • Don’t Get Fooled By the Price

Even if you think you’re getting the best possible price for dog oil, that shouldn’t be the thing to go by. Higher purity and quality oil comes at a higher cost, always keep that in mind.

Finishing Thoughts

From inflammation and pain to anxiety and epilepsy, there are many reasons why Canadian dog owners choose CBD oil for their dogs. Out of the many CBD products that exist on the Canadian market, oil is best when it comes to looking after our dogs’ needs.

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