Is it Okay for Your Puppy or Dog to Eat Only Kibble?

Getting a pet is a choice that could change your life but seems to be more commonplace these days. Perhaps the most difficult decision is choosing which animal to get.

According to the RSPCA, there are over 29 million pets in Australia. Of all of these pets, dogs are by far the most popular. Around 40% of all pets in Australia are dogs.

Is it Okay for Your Puppy or Dog to Eat Only Kibble?

Millions of puppies and dogs were adopted during the last couple of years during the pandemic, and many people are looking right now to take in a new family member.

If you are one of these people, are you truly ready to take on a pet? Have you prepared and understood the responsibilities, and have you considered their diet? For instance, can a dog live on kibble alone, or do you need to mix the diet up with other food too?

What diet should a puppy or dog have?

If you have decided to take on a new puppy, or dog, there are many things you will have to consider. Perhaps it would be a good idea to thoroughly read a dog guide for an idea of what you are getting involved in.

You will have to do a lot of research when welcoming a puppy to its new home, and the requirements could be quite different from that of an older dog. While the environment will be new to both animals, hopefully, the older dog will not need much training.

In areas such as food, while you may be tempted to pass on some of your own favorite foods for them to nibble on, it’s best to provide food that is full of healthy nutrients. High-quality kibble is seen to be the best option to keep dogs of any age happy.

What is kibble?

So you finally have your new puppy and are wondering what to feed it. Keeping your dog well-fed is vital to its well-being, and considering how to choose a healthy dog food should be one of your top priorities. 

Dry dog food, otherwise known as kibble, can be purchased in pet shops or supermarkets, making your life easier. Kibble consists of ground-up ingredients, coming in the form of pellets which make it easy for your dog to eat and digest. Some people may use kibble as part of a dog’s diet or, indeed may solely feed the dog kibble.

Is it okay for a dog to only eat kibble?

While this is acceptable, you may feel the need to mix up your furry friend’s diet now and again.

According to the VCA Hospitals, dogs need six basic nutrients. These are water, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. It is more important than the food you feed them contains this than it is whether it is wet or dry food.

Owners can mix other food items with kibble to break up the monotony of the same food. Vegetables, eggs, fish, and cooked or raw parts of poultry are just some of the things that can be added which will improve your dog’s kibble and its general health.

Why is there contentiousness over kibble that contains grains?

It’s become apparent that kibble that contains grains that use cornmeal or wheat gluten may, in fact, have very little value in the form of nutrients for your pet. Also, some dogs may have digestive issues, and grain-free food can, in fact, help with this problem. 

There are healthy options available on the market these days, with Scratch providing a wide range of products to keep both your pet and you highly satisfied. A healthy and happy dog can be a true friend for life.

Isn’t it better for dogs to eat meat than dried food?

While it must be said most dogs enjoy meat, a truly balanced diet is more important for its overall health. Avoiding allergens such as proteins is vital for some dogs as they may get ill. It’s wise to look in more detail at what the food you are giving your dog actually contains.

Some kibble mix contains fillers and allergens. Grain-free and fresh organic meat is better. There is a trend for raw meat diets too. It may be best to mix and match to give your dog the best selection of nutrients. Trial and error may play a part here, as you try your best to please your pet and keep it healthy.


The most popular choice of pet for people is a dog. This has increased even more due to the pandemic as they yearn for some form of company. But taking care of a dog is a big responsibility, and there are many things to consider, including its diet. 

Many pet owners choose to go about this in different ways. While kibble seems to be enough to keep your dog happy foodwise, you can go a bit further to ensure your dog’s overall well-being. There are natural ways to improve your dog’s health. This can contribute to an all-around happy home and a companion for when times are tough.

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