Can Dogs Eat Onions?

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Can Dogs Eat Onions? If Your Dogs Ate Onions What Would You Do?

Many people love the taste and smell of onions and would not hesitate to add more to make what they’re eating tastier and spicier. Then again, even if it’s great for us, it doesn’t necessarily follow that it’s also good for our pets, especially our dogs.

Onions contain a toxic substance known as thiosulphate. The same substance, once ingested by our pets, especially our dogs, can lead to a lethal condition known as hemolytic anemia, a severe kind of red blood cell damage. This kind of toxicity can cause the red blood cells in our dogs’ body to burst.

If you observe your dog vomiting, having diarrhea, looking lethargic, and breathless, then there’s a chance that he might have eaten onions. Aside from these symptoms, you can also check if your pet dog has lost interest in any kind of food as this might be a sign of onion poisoning. For these symptoms to appear, it might take 2 to 4 days, so it is important to observe your dog closely within this time frame.

How much onion is toxic?

The best thing to do to avoid onion toxicity is to watch what your dog eats. Also keep him away from pizza, tomato sauce, Chinese food, or baby food. However, since we can’t always see what they put into their mouths, it would help if you keep your surroundings clean and your floor free from any food residue as dogs are inclined to lick anything they see.

Unlike grapes where a small amount is toxic, onion toxicity depends on the number of onions your dog consumed. According to the award-winning veterinarian Dr. Jeff Werber in his interview for Dogster, for onion toxicity to set in, dogs need to eat a huge volume of onions.

Then again, the problem lies in the fact that toxins can accumulate in the dog’s system which could result in toxicity. Even if you don’t feed your dog onions in large quantities, if he has eaten the same over a prolonged period of time, he might get sick. This is what Dr. Werber refers to as the cumulative effect.

What to do if your dog ate onions?

If you’re not sure if the number of onions consumed by your dog is toxic but you’ve observed some symptoms of toxicity in him, it is best to consult with your veterinarian immediately. They can determine whether or not treatment will be necessary.

If treatment is indeed required, know that the treatment process can involve treating the co-occurring allergic reactions, using activated charcoal to treat poisoning, stomach flushing, vomit inducement, and gastric lavage carry-out. In the case of skin infection, your dog might need to be bathed and dried.

Aside from these treatment options, your veterinarian may suggest hydration of the dog by introducing more fluids into his bloodstream, thereby addressing possible damage to the liver. A blood transfusion might also be recommended when necessary.

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