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Blue Buffalo Dog Food Review | Meats and Whole Grains

Blue Buffalo Dog Food is made by the Blue Buffalo Company, which has its headquarters in Wilton, Connecticut. The current CEO of the Blue Buffalo Company is Bill Bishop.

If you are tired of having to feed your dog foods that seem to be mostly by-products or long lists of chemicals and additives you never heard of, then you will be happy to switch to Blue Buffalo dog food. Blue Buffalo Dog Food is made with all natural ingredients and it also includes antioxidants and other nutrients to make sure that your pet is healthy and happy.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Is Holistic and Healthy

Blue Buffalo Dog Food makers want to help you to meet the health needs of your dog no matter if it is a puppy or an older dog. When you check the ingredients on the label you will not see the word by-product! The first ingredient in Blue Buffalo Dog Food is meats like chicken or beef, plus whole grains, and even some fruit and vegetables.

The four formulas of Blue Buffalo Dog Food are Blue Life Protection, Wilderness, and Basics. The Wilderness formula is considered the best of the best of the Blue Buffalo Dog Food products.

No matter which of the four dog food formulas you choose, there won’t be any artificial colors or preservatives, or any wheat, soy or corn that so many of our pets are allergic to. Each formula of dog food is specially produced to give dogs all of the daily nutrients they need.

The recipe to make all of the Blue Buffalo Dog Foods includes human grade products such as deboned chicken, fish, turkey, beef or lamb meat. It also has whole grains like brown rice, barley, and vegetables like nutritious sweet potatoes that are full of beta-carotene.

Whole grains including brown rice and whole barley and sweet potato are incorporated as the main sources of energy. Garden vegetables and fruits are also included to provide the essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It also has chicory roots which give dogs both fiber and prebiotics.

The probiotics are good for dogs and help support good bacteria in the dog’s gastrointestinal tract, as well as promote good digestion and a better immune system. There is also what is called chelated minerals which help the dog to process and use proteins.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food also adds canola oil for omega-3 vitamins and tomato pomace for fiber.

The only thing Blue Buffalo Dog Food adds to help it last longer on the shelf is rosemary, which is holistic and safe for dogs.

Pet Owners Say Blue Buffalo Makes Dogs Energetic, Healthier

When the owners have fed their dogs Blue Buffalo Dog Food for a few weeks they usually start commenting on how much energy their pet now has and how much healthier they seem to be. Owners speak of dull skin and hair turned glossy and sleek with the feeding of Blue Buffalo Dog Foods and the fact that their pet’s skin is less itchy and is allergy free.

The only thing that slightly caused pet owners to hesitate to feed Blue Buffalo Dog Foods was a voluntary recall back in 2007. This was done by the company due to a possible tainting by having too much vitamin D in the batch that was recalled. Since some dogs would have reacted to this increase in Vitamin D, the company decided that the best policy would be to recall that entire batch of foods.

However, since then their reputation has started to go back up again, especially after they realized that the fact that the company did the recall voluntarily speaks volumes on their concern for the health of their dogs.

How is Blue Buffalo Dog Food rated?

Blue Buffalo Dog Food has been found to have a protein level of 27 percent, fat level of 14 percent and estimated carbohydrate levels of 51%. It was rated that those figures stood for a dog food with an average amount of fat, above average amount of carbohydrates and a level of protein that was below average for most dry dog foods. It gained four out of five stars in the testing of the products.

Since no animal is alike, it is hard to say precisely that Blue Buffalo Dog Food will have the same results for every dog that eats it. Therefore it is a good idea to talk to your own veterinarian if you are considering feeding Blue Buffalo Dog Food to your dog.

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a natural and holistic type of dog food for your dog, then you should look into feeding them one of the four formulas of Blue Buffalo dog food. Consult with your veterinarian today to see if Blue Buffalo Dog Food is right for your favorite pal – your dog.

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