10 Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Adopting a dog is like picking a new family member. This is a delicate decision, and conclusive research should be carried out for any new fur-baby. The decision is even more crucial when kids are involved. Dogs can help teach kids compassion, cooperation, and responsibility — not to mention they make the best playmates anyone could wish for. It is a fact that some breeds are not suitable for families with children. They might be naturally skittish or aggressive and generally, favor relaxed home surroundings. If you’re searching for the best family dog, below are some attributes you need to be on the lookout for:


Before acquiring a dog, it is especially important to ensure it is trained. Intelligent dogs learn things more quickly which makes them fun and smart. Your new pet needs to understand that no means no early enough for the safety of your kids.


Some dog breeds are considered more friendly and outgoing while others are more vulnerable to display aggression. When selecting a dog to add to your family, it’s crucial to choose one with an open and warm demeanor.


Naturally, the larger breed requires more space booth inside the home and outside for exercise. Prospective dog owners should note, however, that small size breeds do not automatically mean less care or an agreeable temperament.

Energy Level

This is a matter of preference for each family. A good kid-friendly dog should have plenty of energy. They have to be able to keep up with the family’s activity level without getting irritated or exhausted.
Undeniably, dogs and children blend like peanut butter and jelly. Below here are ten of the best dog breeds for families:

1. Beagle

Beagles are a small-medium size breed, energetic, and very friendly which makes them an excellent choice for families. They are marvelous active companions through all ages, making them a terrific choice for most families. These dog breed will bond powerfully with their families, children and adults alike. Friendly, curious, and merry, the Beagle usually gets along with other pets, too. However, they do shed fur and require brushing and bathing often.

2. Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is one of the most popular family pets. With his peaceful personality and short-statured yet upright appearance, the Basset Hound breed is a well-known family companion, in addition to being a slow-paced but acute hunting dog. The Basset Hound is forbearing with children, solid enough to manage the clumsy pets and hugs they can dole out, and having a collected attitude towards screaming kids are all qualities that make it one of the best dog breeds for kids.

3. Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a robust, well-built dog of medium size, popular for the dense, glossy coat of gold that grants the breed its name. The GR, a buoyant Scottish gundog of exceptional beauty, is a smart, loyal, confident, and kind. They are earnest workers as guides for the blind, at field work and hunting, and in search-and-rescue. They enjoy compliance and other competitive events, and also have an adorable love of life when not working.

4. Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retrievers are famously friendly. They are amicable housemates who bond well with the whole family, and they interact marvelously with neighbor dogs and humans alike. The sweet-faced, lovable Lab is high-spirited, outgoing, and friendly companions who have more than enough warmth to go around for a family searching for a medium-to-large dog.

5. Bull Terrier

Bull Terriers are strong, big-boned terriers with a hallmark of the egg-shaped head, who move with a gleeful gait suggesting power and agility. Among the most mischievous and comical citizens of dogdom, the BT is endearing and playful, sometimes obstinate, but always devoted and loyal. These distinctive “eggheads” are cheerful, muscular companions who flourish on affection and exercise.

6. Collie

The Collie breed boasts one of the canine kingdom’s most magnificent showy coats; the smooth coat’s glamour is subtler but no less gratifying. The proud, graceful, and devoted breed, thanks to a hundred years as a pop-culture hero, is among the global most distinguishable and esteemed dog breeds.

7. Australian Terrier

The Australian Terriers are small but sturdy, self-assured terriers. Aussies walk with the free and easy stride of a working dog. They are vigilant watchdogs and said to be bright studies when training. The diminutive Aussie is spirited, smart, and brave—how did they fix so much dog into such a small package? Buoyant and lively, the self-confident Aussie approaches life with many of the old-time terrier interest and grit.

8. Poodle

Proud, Elegant, and Clever, Poodles are majestic dogs, as the numerous best-in-show winners from this breed can attest. Behind the ribbons, spectacular hairdos, and grand attitude, you will find a fond family dog with an ancient history and much flair. They are excellent for kids with allergies, since they shed minimal fur.

9. Newfoundland

The Newfoundland is majestic, the expression mellow and soulful with a flat and coarse outer coat. The Newfie breeds have a sweet temperament and are trainable and trusting, and they respond well to tender guidance. These noble giants have earned a reputation as watchful and patient and nanny dog’ for kids.

10. Bulldog

You can’t misconstrue a Bulldog for any other breed. The Bulldog has a low-slung, thick-set, well-muscled fierce face which is the universal symbol of tenacity and courage. These friendly, calm, courageous, and loyal companions adapt well to country or town. Most are also agreeable with outside visitors and also compatible with other home pets making one of the best dog breeds for kids.

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In conclusion, while your family and kids are sure to fall in love with the above-mentioned pure-breeds, don’t dismiss mixed breeds, either, since they will often provide the best qualities of two good breeds in one dog. Selecting a pet is like choosing a relationship; consider your family’s lifestyle and which energy level will blend well with the family activities. Pets can bring plenty into our lives and now that you have some knowledge on the best dog breeds for families, get out there and adopt one!

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