Professional Dog Breeder Barks About the Benefits of Bernedoodle Puppies

Is there anything more cute and cuddly than a little puppy? They are like living stuffed animals you can carry around inside your coat. Goldendoodles and bernedoodles fit the bill as the kind of dog that is easy to take care of and takes up little space in your apartment or home. They also have excellent temperaments. 

Bernedoodle puppies are becoming so popular as of late that all it takes to own one is Googling “Bernedoodle puppies for sale near me,” and you’ll find a decent selection of options to choose from. 

But when it comes to the benefits of owning a Bernedoodle puppy, there are said to be several important ones, not the least of which is they are hypoallergenic. In fact, according to a new article, there are more advantages than you might realize when it comes to owning not only a Bernedoodle but also a Goldendoodle. 

Says one dog breeder who has been in the business for over five years now; Bernedoodle is a mix of Bernese mountain dog and poodle, while a Goldendoodle is a mix of poodle and golden retriever. The breeder goes on to say that Bernedoodle, in particular, is so popular right now that the pups are in very high demand. 

Keep in mind that it’s not easy to find dogs in pet stores. Also, breeders don’t keep regular hours since they often have other jobs and careers. They also don’t always have puppies on hand. But it’s a best practice to put in an order for one of the puppies, and once there’s a new litter, you’ll likely get one of the four-legged cuties to take home. 

Puppy Personality Traits

Say the breeders, Goldendoodles possess hypoallergenic coats of the poodle, along with the personality traits of golden retrievers. They are also said to be an excellent choice for first-time dog owners, and they are also full of affection. These are major benefits for owners.  

Professional breeders breed Goldendoodles in “mini,” which is 18 to 20 pounds. This size is perfect for an apartment or a home with a small yard. There’s also the mid-size dog which is around 25 to 35 pounds. You can take these larger dogs for a hike on a trail in the woods, but they will require a larger back lawn and aren’t exactly suitable for cramped apartments.  

Both Bernedoodle and Goldendoodle puppies are said to be “easy to train.” Right now, Goldendoodles are one of the top 10 most intelligent dogs in the world. The jury is still out on Bernedoodles, but it’s probably safe to say they are very smart and responsive to their owners. 


Lifespans of Goldendoodles are said to be around 15 to 16 years. Compared to larger dogs like full-sized golden retrievers, this amounts to about a three to four-year longer lifespan. 

When it comes to golden retrievers, however, dog professionals agree that years of inbreeding have resulted in issues with bad hips and even cancer. Said one breeder; if you create a break in the genetic sequence, a much healthier dog should result.  

This holds true for Bernedoodle puppies. Bernese mountain dogs are usually characterized as being large and very affectionate, and loyal toward their owners. But a working dog weighing 100 pounds or more can live only about seven to ten years. 

So then, what are some of the benefits of owning a Bernedoodle puppy? 

Bernedoodle puppies and adults are said to possess a calm disposition which means they are terrific around small children and even babies. They have the poodle’s hypoallergenic coat, which is a plus for allergy-sensitive owners. Since they are far smaller in stature than their Bernese Mountain dog ancestors, they can live an average of 12 to 13 years or even longer. 

Mini Bernedoodles weigh around 18 to 20 pounds when they reach maturity, while the mid-sized variety can weigh up to 25 to 35 pounds. The former works well for owners who don’t have a lot of space, while the latter is better for owners who have a decent-sized backyard. 

DNA Testing

These days the business of dog breeding has gone high-tech. That means all parent dogs are DNA-tested for any genetic disease or complication that could arise in the future. 

Says an expert breeder; his operation only breeds dogs he’s certain will be healthy in the short and long run. That means monitoring the health of the parents on a daily basis. All Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle puppies he sells come with a doctor’s health certificate, a one-year genetic health guarantee, plus all up-to-date shots.  

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