5 Basic Must-Haves for Training Your Dog

It can be so enticing to see other people and the relationship that they have with their dog. You can’t help but long for this kind of bond yourself, and so before you know it, you’ve gotten yourself a new best friend. It may come as a surprise, but introducing your dog or puppy to a new household and person or people is something that comes with a bit of work before you can have a smooth relationship with one another. The goal is to have an understanding of where they know what to do and what not to do and to respond to your requests. The only way to reach this goal is to get to training your dog as soon as you possibly can. We’re going to give you insight into the five most basic must-haves when it comes to training, so you’re well prepared before you get onto this task.


Treats & Clicker Combination

The first basic item that you’re going to need when it comes to training your pup is a clicker, and you’re going to have to use this with treats so that you can integrate positive reinforcement in your training process. You need to start with a simple introduction so that your dog isn’t confused or overwhelmed. Make sure that you’re in a room or area that doesn’t have any other surrounding noise so that they’re not distracted, and start off by combining the click with a treat. This way, they’ll understand that every time they hear the click, you will give them a treat. Almost any professional dog trainer will recommend this combo for starting out with a puppy.

Once you feel that they’ve understood this, start implementing a statement and an action. The easiest being ‘sit.’ So click the clicker, say the word ‘sit’, then gently show them how to sit, so they understand that there is an extra step involved. The treats and clicker combination is essential because you’ll find you’ll be able to use it in a variety of commands using positive reinforcement as they grow.

E- Collar & Harness

While most people tend to just use a normal collar on their dogs (as you will as well), when it comes to training, it’s a much better option to go for the electric collar instead. According to the information found at edogaustralia.com.au, e-collars are good for training because they teach them about what not to do. E collars work with negative reinforcement in a way that allows you to give them a vibration that will teach them that the action or behavior is not permissible. This doesn’t hurt them in any way, it just brings them to attention, and then this is where you step in to let them know that they can’t do this. A harness along with this is much better than a leash because pulling on a leash with the collar may choke them or hurt them. A harness covers the front part of their body, so they’ll just become aware that this is something they shouldn’t do.

Disposable Mats & Crate

Before you get your puppy or dog, you need to first invest in a crate. Make sure that it’s spacious enough for them to sit comfortably in. You need to lay down a few mats here in case they go to the bathroom while sitting here, so it’s easier to clean up. Crates should be placed in an area where they can see you so that they understand that they’re not being punished. The aim is to let them know that there are specific times for them to nap and sleep so that you’re able to integrate some kind of schedule and create a daily routine. If they do use the bathroom while they’re in the crate, this will give you a chance to take them for a walk before you put them in, and with enough repetition, they’ll understand when walking and bathroom time is eventually.


If the whole concept of dog training is absolutely foreign to you, then it only makes sense that you do a bit of research before you introduce your new pup to their new home. There are plenty of amazing books, videos, and apps that are specially made to teach beginners how to train their puppy’s the basic training needed. Alternatively, you can also get in touch with a professional dog trainer to come over and guide you on how to do each training step properly so that you don’t go about anything incorrectly and end up making the situation worse.

Target Stick

The target stick is a simple but extremely effective tool that you need to have when it comes to training your dog. It’s basically a long, light stick that is ideally foldable and extendable as well. You need to put some food that will appeal to the dog at the end of the stick, and this will entice them to follow it as you move the stick. Target sticks are great for giving the dog direction to go to a certain spot or area and work perfectly paired with other training methods. It basically teaches the dog to focus so that you’re able to move forward with any training.


Training your dog yourself may seem extremely intimidating at first, but the key is to just be well prepared before you get the dog. If you’re a bit worried about the process, then you need to make sure that you research and also ask around to find out how people have gone about training their dogs. Get in touch with a professional trainer as well to get yourself some reliable advice. You need to make sure that you have the five items mentioned here to ensure that you at least have the basics down. Don’t panic because it’s important to remember that each dog is different and will react differently to each scenario, so what you need to do is be patient, make sure that your dog feels safe, first and foremost, and take the training process slow to ensure that it goes exactly the way it should.

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