An Introduction to Devon Dogs’ Training Programmes

Devon Dogs offers numerous training programmes to help dogs and their owners overcome challenges of all kinds. Dog training expert and agility champion Lauren Langman co-founded these programmes, many of which are available online so people worldwide can take part.

Some of Devon Dogs’ other programmes take place at Bowerland Holiday Cottages, a luxury dog training site in Okehampton. These programmes enable owners and their dogs to receive a high level of in-person one-to-one and group training.

Whether you want to help your dog work through a specific challenge or prepare them to partake in agility competitions, Devon Dogs has a programme to help. Here’s an introduction to all the training on offer.

Devon Dogs’ In-Person Training Programmes

Devon Dogs offers the following training at its Bowerland Holiday Cottages site. Lauren Langman and her specialist team run these:

  • Three one-to-one training offers/packages.
  • Four group training offers/programmes.
  • Two training programmes/workshops for dog handlers.

One-To-One Training Sessions

1. 121 By the Hour Training

Devon Dogs offers one-to-one training by the hour. Choose between 3, 5, 10, 15, and 20 hours of training and book the time slots that suit you. This training is ideal for dog owners who are apprehensive about joining group sessions, perhaps because they have a nervous, reactive, or aggressive dog.

Prices range from £180 for 3 hours to £980 for 20 hours.

2. 121 Puppy Welcome Package

Getting a new puppy is exciting, but it’s not always possible to attend local classes at set times. That’s why Lauren Langman and her team offer the 121 Puppy Welcome Package. Dog owners who book this package receive a custom training plan to support their puppy’s individual needs.

Devon Dogs offers five variations of this offer: 3, 5, 10, 15, and 20 hours of training. All packages come with access to the Sexier Than a Squirrel Challenge and Pup2Perfection training. Some of the packages also come with bonuses, such as a notebook, pen, puppy tips checklist, training line, and tug toy.

Prices range from £180 for the 3-hour package to £1,060 for the 20-hour package.

3. 121 Stay and Train Holidays

Dog owners looking for an immersive, all-encompassing training solution can combine their training with a relaxing holiday at Bowerland Cottages in the Devonshire countryside. Dog owners enjoy the luxury of a rustic cottage (perhaps even with a hot tub), while their dog enjoys the purpose-built indoor arena and enclosed training fields.

Choose between three-, four-, and seven-night stays, where you can fast-track your dog’s training while enjoying a peaceful break. Packages include:

  1. Base: a three-night stay in the Annexe or Tor View Studio with 10 hours of one-to-one training. This package also includes two months of access to online classes, one online workshop, and a £20 gift voucher.
  2. Summit: a four-night stay in the Annexe or Tor View Studio with 15 hours of one-to-one training. This package also includes three months of access to online classes, two online workshops, and a £30 gift voucher.
  3. Peak: a seven-night stay in Dartmoor Inn Studio, Old Dairy Cottage, or Parsley Cottage with 20 hours of training. (The Annexe and Tor View Studio may be available by request.) This package also includes four months of access to online classes, four online workshops, and a £40 gift voucher.

All three packages include a notepad and pen, a Bake Off workshop, and lifetime access to the Sexier Than a Squirrel Challenge. Prices range from £1,140 for the Base package to £2,296 for the Peak package.

The training hours include a pre-arrival call, post-arrival call, one-to-one training sessions, and group training sessions.

Group Training Sessions

1. Life Skills Foundation

Devon Dogs’ Life Skills Foundation helps owners train their dogs to be friendly, safe, and happy. In weekly classes, owners train their dogs to:

  • Stay still when asked.
  • Recall to their owners.
  • Develop good food manners.
  • Greet people and other dogs politely.
  • Walk on a loose lead.
  • Feel comfortable when people are grooming or handling them.
  • Build relationships with people.
  • Engage in crate and boundary games.
  • Build their confidence.

These are just a handful of the skills dogs develop on the Life Skills Foundation, which uses reward-based training methods. Dog owners work in small groups, where they meet like-minded owners who are working through similar challenges.

Meanwhile, dogs practise spending time with other dogs in a controlled environment. Many training classes are big, which can be overwhelming for dogs. Devon Dogs limits the number of dogs participating in training to avoid this.

If a dog struggles with a challenge that is too difficult for them, they may lose motivation and interest in the training. This is why Lauren Langman encourages dog owners to take small steps with their dogs. Steady progress without rushing maximises the chances of a dog getting new behaviours right and achieving their training goals.

Apart from a 1.25-hour weekly class, participants receive regular homework, support with goal setting, discounts on some workshops and products, 10% off a stay at Bowerland Holiday Cottages, access to the Devon Dogs Student Room Facebook group, and an annual gift.

To join this programme, dog owners can purchase the 121 Intro Welcome Package. This package rolls into the weekly classes. Most dogs begin at the starter level and work their way up to the genius level.

The Life Skills Foundation is £65 per month. The classes run for 50 weeks a year.

2. Monthly Classes

Devon Dogs’ monthly classes make keeping on top of training easy for dog owners who can’t make it to weekly training sessions. Each class takes place from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. on one Sunday each month. The classes cover a range of training techniques that give dogs a great foundation and help them bond with their owners.

Dogs and their owners attend a one-to-one session before joining monthly classes. During this session, a Devon Dogs trainer introduces them to the games and techniques used in the monthly classes.

Monthly classes are £55 per month.

3. Devon Dogs Retreats

Dog owners can sign up for Devon Dogs’ many retreats to make quick progress in their training efforts. Different retreats focus on different elements of training, allowing owners to book the retreats that best suit their dog’s needs. Upcoming retreats include the:

  • Scent Focused Week.
  • International Week.
  • Being a Better Dog Trainer Retreat.
  • Christmas Is Heaven in Devon Retreat.
  • New Year Retreat.
  • Gundog Retreat.
  • Heelwork to Music Retreat.
  • Obedience Retreat.
  • Adventure Retreat.
  • Super Spaniel Retreat.
  • Agility Retreat.
  • Deep Dive and Mechanics Retreat.
  • Super Trainer Live Retreat.
  • Naughty But Nice Retreat.

Naughty But Nice is particularly popular. Dogs overcome some of the challenges that make being out and about most difficult on this retreat. Whether it’s running to other dogs, growling, lunging, barking, stopping on walks, jumping at strangers, chasing people or livestock, pacing, or avoiding car travel, this retreat can help.

Dogs and owners train in a variety of environments, where they try out new training strategies and play exciting games. Owners learn how to understand their dog’s body language and motivate them with interesting rewards. Participants practise with Devon Dogs’ calm, confident dogs and go home with a plan that allows them to keep progressing in their training.

Retreat prices range from £1,348.50 to £1,723.50.

4. Agility Foundation Training

Agility can be hugely rewarding for both dogs and their owners. Devon Dogs guides owners through agility training at all levels, from beginners to masters. Lauren Langman creates the lesson plans for this training. She has won innumerable agility competitions, including Crufts, with various dogs.

Dog owners can start agility training after signing up for the 121 Intro Welcome Package, which rolls into weekly classes. The Agility Foundation training is £65 per month.

Training Sessions for Dog Handlers

1. Shadow A Trainer Programme

Pro Dog Trainers who pass their assessments with Absolute Dogs can enrol on the Shadow a Trainer Programme. Trainers begin with a one-hour Zoom planning lesson to set goals for the programme. They then enjoy three hours of hands-on learning with Devon Dogs’ Stooge Dog Team, during which they discuss game options and ways to play these games.

From here, participants spend eight hours shadowing a trainer who hosts lessons with dogs and owners. This shadowing includes 30 minutes before and after lessons. Participants also shadow a regular weekly class and spend three hours crafting lesson plans and business growth strategies. As part of the programme, participants have access to three months of PDT Elite Monthly Calls.

The Shadow a Trainer Programme is £795.

2. Pro Dog Trainer Workshops

Devon Dogs also offers workshops for Pro Dog Trainers who are looking to develop their training skills. These individuals can build their knowledge; confidence; and teaching, public speaking, and classroom management skills. They work in groups with dogs of various breeds and with different needs, practising a range of games that meet these needs.

Workshop prices vary.

Devon Dogs’ Online Training Programmes

Devon Dogs offers the following six online classes, workshops, and consultation calls. These offerings are ideal for dogs and owners who can’t make it to Devon for in-person training.

1. Monday And Wednesday Classes

Every Monday and Wednesday, Devon Dogs’ expert trainers host consistency classes for dogs and handlers of all abilities. The sessions take place from 7.15 p.m. until 8.45 p.m.

Classes are £65 per month, and there is a minimum booking requirement of three months.

2. Sexier Than a Squirrel Challenge

Dog owners all over the world train their dogs using the renowned Sexier Than a Squirrel Challenge. Dog owners follow 25 days of video tuition, featuring a wealth of three-minute training games. Dog owners also join an exclusive Facebook group where they can meet an international community of dog owners who are on similar journeys.

The Sexier Than a Squirrel Challenge is £27.

3. Dog Trainer Online Masterclasses

Dog trainers and aspiring dog trainers can shape up their teaching skills on the first Sunday of every month. This is when Devon Dogs hosts its online masterclasses, which involve shared lesson planning, networking with like-minded trainers, insights into how Devon Dogs runs its training, and problem-solving with Devon Dogs’ expert trainers. The masterclasses run between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m

The online masterclasses are £50 per month. Devon Dogs takes payments one month in advance. There is a minimum booking requirement of three months.

4. Zoom Online Training

Zoom online training allows owners to train their dogs from the comfort of their own homes. They can request feedback on their training techniques, ask questions, and practise new games to overcome training challenges.

Prices for Zoom online training range from £100 for one hour to £450 for five hours.

5. Workshops

Devon Dogs offers countless workshops on themes of all kinds. These include four-week workshops like Gundog Games and Out and About Fun. There are many other themed workshops too, from Tricks Day to Recall Day and Scent Day.

On top of this, Devon Dogs runs various Bake Off-themed workshops. These include the Feeling Festive Bake Off, New Year Bake Off Celebrations, New Year New Start Bake Off, and I Love My Dog Valentine’s Bake Off.

Workshop prices vary.

6. Consultation Calls

Behaviour consult calls are for dog owners who aren’t sure which training programme is best for their dog’s needs. Devon Dogs’ training specialists can advise on which route to follow for best results.

On the other hand, business consult calls are for those who would like to launch dog-training businesses. Devon Dogs’ experts advise on where to start and offer key advice to help these entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground.

Prices for consult calls range from £100 for one hour to £450 for five hours.

Devon Dogs Memberships

Dog owners who can’t get enough when it comes to training can become  Devon Dogs members. The Devon Dogs Membership Scheme offers training enthusiasts discounts and special offers on classes and products. They also receive 10% off a stay at Bowerland Holiday Cottages and an annual member gift.

Membership is £45 for an individual or £65 for a family per year.

About Lauren Langman, Founder of Devon Dogs

Lauren Langman is an acclaimed dog training specialist. One of the minds behind Devon Dogs’ array of training programmes, she has developed solutions for virtually every training challenge that dogs and their owners face.

Having always loved dogs, Lauren Langman has been running training sessions throughout her career. Even when studying at university, she was hosting weekend training sessions to support dog owners in Exeter.

Since then, she has bought and transformed a neglected site into the Bowerland Cottages headquarters (as seen on the television show Relocation Relocation).

Today, Lauren Langman is the founder of Devon Dogs, the co-creator of several dog training courses, and the author of four tips-packed dog training books.

Brenda Thompson

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