7 Accessories That Every Dog Needs

There are essential items that dogs need for everyday life. This includes a comfy bed, food balls, and toys. But, there are other accessories out there that can help your canine thrive. From an automatic ball launcher for some fun to a car seat belt to go on adventures, you can boost your dog’s quality of life with some simple accessories. Let’s take a look at them.

Car Seat Belt

If you want to take your dog on adventures, they will need a car seat belt. This is going to keep your pup safe and secure when they are traveling in the back seat. They are designed to be attached to a harness. They do not restrict your dog from lying down, but it will prevent them from jumping into the front. This is for your safety, as well as your pups. It can also mean they are less of a distraction to you if they are in the boot of your car.

Health Supplements

Every dog deserves to have a good diet that allows them to be healthy and happy. Besides, feeding healthy foods to your pup can enable them to enjoy a long life with you. There are dog foods that are complete meals, and they can offer all of the vitamins and minerals they need. But, if you have a senior dog or a pup with health problems, it will be beneficial to get supplements daily. This is going to ensure that they are receiving all of the nutrition they need.

ID Tags

Does your furry friend have an ID tag on their collar? While we never want to think about our dog getting lost, it can happen when you out on a walk and they are off lead. If this does happen, an ID tag will ensure that the person who finds your dog can return them to you. Thus, it is imperative that you have an ID tag on every collar your pup has. It is actually the law in the UK. The Control of Dogs Order 1992 means every dog has to wear one when they are in a public place.

Important contact information should be engraved onto an ID tag. This includes your telephone number and address. It is recommended that you do not state your dog’s name on their ID tag. This could become dangerous if somebody attempted to steal your pooch. Instead, you can engrave your last name or mention that your dog is micro-chipped.

An Automatic Ball Launcher

If there is one thing that all dogs love doing it is playing fetch. If your dog has endless energy, they are going to love playing with the automatic ball launcher in the garden. This is a fantastic toy that is going to launch a tennis ball up to 30 feet away. You can train your dog to drop the ball into the launcher, and this is going to tell them to chase and catch it. A lot of canines love this, and it can be programmed for different sizes of dogs.

LED Collar

It is common for owners to walk their dogs in the dark after work. We all know that it gets dark early in the winter, and there are fewer daylight hours. So, this means that your dog is going to benefit from an LED collar. This is going to ensure that you can see them at all times, as well as drivers and other owners. You will always know where your furry friend is, and you do not have to panic. There is a range of LED collars available, and most of them have a rechargeable battery.

Treat Pouch

This next accessory is one for the owner, but the dog is undoubtedly going to benefit from this. We are talking about a treat pouch. This is an accessory that you can wear around your waist, and it means you have easy access to treats. In particular, this is going to be beneficial when you are out with your dog and they are in training. You can instantly reward your pup and they know they have done something well. Rewarding your canine straight away is the key to successful training. With a treat pouch, you can work on positive reinforcement.

Puzzle Toys

Dogs do not just need physical exercise during the day. They also want to use their minds. Mental stimulation is a great way to tire out and challenge your pooch when they are home. In particular, intelligent and high-energy breeds need activities to stay amused in the house. The best way to do this is by providing your dog with puzzle toys. This is going to challenge your dogs to get the treats, requiring them to use their problem-solving skills. It is going to be very rewarding for your dog to get the treat at the end.

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