8 Accessories Every Aquarium Needs

Setting up a new home for your aquatic pet can be a fun activity. Just think of all of the possibilities for your aquarium. Imagine how beautiful it could look, as if the fish is naturally in the ocean. While taking good care of your aquatic pet is a must, you also need to provide an excellent environment for them, as that’ll be the only environment that they’ll be around.  

One way you can provide an excellent environment for your aquatic pet is to add accessories to their new home. While some accessories can be a perfect decoration for your aquarium, you should also consider ones that promote comfort while they’re inside the tank. Listed below are some of the best accessories to buy for your fish and their home:

1. Aquarium Heater

How would you feel if you lived in a cold environment and had nothing to cover your body with? Whatever you imagine that’s like, it’s the reality for your fish. They have absolutely nothing to do when you provide them solely with cold water. All they can do is be uncomfortable; this is important because keeping the water at the wrong temperature can lead to health problems for your fish.

With an aquarium heater, you can help to keep the temperature of your aquarium to an optimal level, so that your tropical fish will enjoy swimming around comfortably. The ideal temperature for an aquarium heater is from 75- to 80-degrees Fahrenheit.  

When choosing an aquarium heater, make sure that you choose one that’s perfect for the size of your fish tank. If you have a small tank and you’re worried about overheating the water, you can always search to find out more information.

2. Aquarium Filter

An aquarium filter isn’t just an accessory, but a necessity if you want to keep your fish’s environment healthy. Without one, you have to regularly clean the aquarium by scooping out your fish and placing them back in later. While this may seem normal for you, it’s actually very traumatic for your fish.  

With an aquarium filter, you’ll be able to keep your fish tank clean all the time. Along with this, the filter helps to reduce the risk of ammonia stress. Ammonia stress happens when your fish is frustrated or unhappy with its dirty living environment. It’s not just that a clean fish tank looks good, but your fish needs it.  

If it’s your first time taking care of a fish, you should know some essential tips to give them the happiest life possible.  

3. Air Pump

Oxygen is vital for every living organism to survive. While your fish can get the oxygen that they need from surface agitation, a little help from their caretaker won’t hurt. With an air pump, you’ll be able to provide them with the oxygen that they need; oxygen bubbles when you turn it on, and you’ll know that it’s working.  

Having an air pump, your fish, plants and beneficial bacteria will be able to live a completely healthy life, making your fish a lot happier and less stressed. 

4. Aquarium Air Stone

Aside from an air pump, an aquarium air stone is a great way to provide oxygen for your fish tank. Most fish owners use an aquarium air stone to add decoration, as it adds more life to the fish tank with a burst of bubbles.  

It’s not just that the stone gives the right amount of oxygen in the water, but it also increases the surface area where the air contacts with the water, allowing for the most oxygen that your fish could ever get. 

5. Water Conditioner

If you have a freshwater aquarium, the use of a water conditioner is a must to allow your pet to have a healthy life. When you’re refilling your fish tank with tap water, you should add a drop of water conditioner or, depending on the manufacturer’s instruction, add it to your tap water first, before pouring it into the tank. 

A water conditioner works by neutralizing chlorine, chloramine, and heavy metals present in tap water, making it a healthy environment for your fish friends.  

8 Accessories Every Aquarium Needs

6. Aquarium Buckets

Most often overlooked by fish owner are aquarium buckets. Aquarium buckets help you to clean your fish tank when it comes to changing the water. It’s crucial that you allocate a specific bucket for your fish tank; it shouldn’t be used for anything else, as the quality of the water could become contaminated.  

When cleaning your aquarium buckets, you should never use soap; only use warm water.

7. Aquarium Cover

You must cover your aquarium to protect it from dirt, dust or other objects that might fall inside. Not only will it prevent unwanted items from getting inside your fish tank, but it also helps to prevent the inhabitants from escaping – primarily freshwater snails, which can climb up the inner walls of aquariums.

Make sure that you buy the right kind of aquarium cover to meet your fish tank requirements, and to suit your personal preferences; some are made of glass, and some have light fixtures added to them.

8. Lights

One way to add vibrance and life to your fish tank, most especially at night, is by adding lights. With lights, you’ll be able to have a bright aquarium that will help to boost your fish’s mood. Swimming around in the dark can be traumatizing, causing unnecessary stress. With lights, you’ll get a better view of your aquarium and, more importantly, your fish will be in a healthier environment.

When choosing the lights, make sure that they produce standard, still and soft colors; bright and popping colors can stress your fish. Along with this, it’s ideal to go for LED lights, even if they’re a bit more expensive upfront; they’re long-lasting and they consume less energy, saving you money in the long run.


Owning aquatic pets doesn’t end with buying an aquarium. There are still accessories that you’ll need to purchase which help them to live a comfortable and happy life. You must try your best to keep your fish happy, as they’ll be spending their whole life in a small tank. Make sure that they’re comfortable, and swimming around in healthy water to enable them to live a long and happy life under your care.

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