5 Ways You Can Get Your Dog to Stop Barking When You’re Not At Home

Dog barking can be annoying—especially when you are away. Of course, dogs can bark for various reasons. From intruders to being hungry—dog barks are normal. Dogs use noise as a warning to impending danger. They also bark to demand attention. However, some dogs can bark excessively. Plus, it’s the only way they can communicate. However, excessive barking can be disturbing. So, if you are looking for ways to stop your dog from barking—especially when you are away—Fuzzy Rescue has some tips to help you.

1. Train Your Pup on Time

Like in humans, a dog that is trained early enough is likely not to bark a lot. So, train your dog when young. Teach your Fido to be obedient. It’s not an expensive undertaking but day to day training can help your dog master discipline.

Remember, your dog is a social animal. And, every dog is scared to be lonely. However, you can teach it to behave well—including not to bark carelessly. With adequate training, your dog is unlikely to bark when you are at work, away, or with friends.

2. Make Him/ Her Busy

Like kids, making your dog busy will eliminate the barking. Remember, a good number if dogs tend to be hyperactive. Plus, being hyperactive means that your pet lacks something to keep him/her busy. Even more, dogs tend to be more hyperactive in urban areas—especially if they have a limited place to play in. So, don’t leave your dog idle. It can exhibit unbearable barking behavior. Use feeders. Make it run. Train it to move around the compound. Get a trick. These are some of the best ways of keeping your pet busy and eliminate barking.

3. Scent

Consider leaving your send behind—it will remind your dog that you are still around. Remember, dogs expressively treasure the sense of smell. So, they tend to exhibit unique reactions when exposed to the scent. It’s also important to note that dogs are social animals. They love human beings. So, use a certain scent. Get it used to it. When you leave, let your dog smell it. It will be waiting quietly until you arrive. Alternatively, you can leave your scent at a specific area. Your dog will stay there waiting for you.

4. Fulfill All the Needs

Dogs are expressive. And when they need something—they tend to bark more. For instance, if your dog is feeling hungry, it will bark loudly. So, the best way to stop it from barking is to fulfill its needs. Give it enough food. Give your dog enough attention. Ensure the place it sleeps is clean. Ensure it’s comfortable when it comes to its place of sleep.

5. Quiet Place

Block your dog from viewing beyond the compound. A dog is naturally territorial—so it will do everything to prove that it is the best when it comes to guarding. So, ensure your dog doesn’t see beyond the compound.

The Bottom-Line

Don’t let the dog disturb your neighbors when you are away. Use the above tips and keep it calm dog calm. Fulfill its needs, make it busy, and make the environment quite,

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