4 Reasons You Should Insure Your Pet

There is no comparison to the love we feel for our pets. Sure, you’re not going to find many parents who admit to loving their dogs more than their children, but it’s a different kind of love. Whereas human love is complicated and often feels conditional, the love we receive from and give to our pets is far more simple. It’s why we’ll do anything for them.

Nonetheless, many pet owners don’t have pet insurance. It’s not because they won’t give their pets the health care they deserve. On the contrary, they’ll spend whatever it takes. However, it’s something we don’t like to plan for and pet insurance is yet another monthly expense.

Getting pet insurance is unfortunately really important. You can find out more about what to look for in pet insurance in this Pet Premium review. Here are 4 reasons you should insure your pet.

1. Health decline is inevitable

Because our pets don’t live as long as humans, we tend to forget that they grow old. Their youthful dispositions add to this easy state of denial. However, the sad reality is that health decline is as inevitable for pets as it is for humans. True, your pet is not going to spend decades in a state of decline, ubt the months or years during which it does, it will require expensive veterinary services.

At that stage, it will be too late to insure your pet. Do so sooner rather than later, so that you’re not suddenly saddled with huge bills you’re going to struggle to pay.

2. Regulation is low

When it comes to human health care, regulation in the US is generally a touchy subject. Because of low levels of regulation, drug prices rise rapidly and medical providers charge beyond most peoples’ means. With veterinary care, there is even less regulation. Even if your vet is charging reasonable prices, they need to source medication and equipment from the big corporations. Prices have been rising wildly over the past couple of decades making even the smallest procedures prohibitively expensive.

Pet insurance helps ensure you aren’t left with a huge, unpayable vet bill because of a chance incident.

3. Regular care increases your pet’s life span

While you’ll do anything you can to save your pet’s life, the same cannot be said when there are minor matters that need seeing to. You might put off a visit to the vet until you can afford it, or forego certain routine checkups. However, regular care increases your pet’s life span. Your pet remains at optimum health, and any potential problems are diagnosed earlier.

4. Accidents happen

Unfortunately, one of the realities of owning a pet is knowing that you can’t protect them from everything. Pets are adventurous and won’t always take the precautions you wish they would. As careful as you are, your dog could run out the gate and across the road at the wrong time. Accidents happen, no matter how hard you try, and vet costs pile up. One accident can leave you in a huge amount of debt. Having good pet insurance can help you at the time you need it most, giving you one less thing to worry about while your pet recovers.

Pet insurance can end up saving you a lot of money. At some point, you will need to provide health care for your pet, and with costs rising rapidly, good care is becoming unaffordable.

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