Tips for Choosing Reliable Pet Movers in Singapore

Pets are almost inseparable from humans, and it is normal that when you are relocating, the pets would be accompanying you like one of your family members. Transporting pets across countries requires proper pet handling skills and complying with the regulations governing the transportation of pets that vary between countries as well as between airlines.

Pet Movers

The pet moving company plays a critical role in ensuring the safe travel of pets, and here are the things that you must look for to ensure that you hire a reliable pet transportation company.

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The staff must be passionate about pets

Only people who love pets can understand the animals and deal with them in the best way by taking care of their needs to keep them comfortable during transportation. . During relocation, pet owners want to ensure a safe passage for their pets, which is only possible by entrusting the job to a professional pet moving company like The pet transportation company’s staff must be friendly to animals that will ensure that there are no chances of pet abuse, which is the biggest concern for pet owners. Love for pets leads to a better understanding of the habits and behavior, which makes it easy to handle the animals accordingly during the journey. Being aware of the needs of the animals will ensure that they receive humane treatment, which keeps them happy while staying away from their owners.

Caring like the pet owners

The staff must not only understand pets but also meet the expectations of pet owners by interacting with them closely. They must know about the food habits and behavior so that they can arrange for taking proper care during the journey. 

Knowledge about pet travel regulations

The pet travel company must be aware of the best transportation mode for pets as well as the most pet-friendly airlines. They must be conversant with the latest laws about pet travel between countries. It will help pet owners with the necessary guidance for preparing pets for the travel by complying with the needs for vaccinations and de-worming as well as other health requirements that are specific to the countries.  Also, they will assist in proper documentation to meet the travel requirements. 

The pet moving company should also assist in planning the travel at the right time because the extreme cold or hot weather can stop pets from flying. Moving pets in kennels are the standard norm for most airlines, and the pet moving company must know the appropriate cage size that would be required.

End to end service

The pet moving company must provide end-to-end service by picking up the pet from your residence just before the journey and delivering it safely at the new location at a time of your convenience. Meanwhile, they should also assist in any quarantine requirement for pets, which is mandatory in Singapore.

Consider the reliability of the company by referring to friends and acquaintances who might have availed similar services from the company to be sure about making the right choice. 

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