10 Ways to Stop Your Dog from Eating Poop

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There’s nothing better than to see your little pup growing up into a robust & nimble hound. You do everything to see him turn stronger & bigger every day. Especially when it comes to food, you choose the best of the best available meals for your love. But still, your pup or even dog wants to taste the poop!

Yes! No matter what you feed him, he finds the odor & the probably the taste of soil simply irresistible. If you’re facing the same problem with your four-legged child, then we’ve some amazing tricks up our sleeves to help you out.

Feed Him to the Full

The pups or hounds with a full stomach are less likely to taste or explore more food options (especially the poop). Draw a mealtime routine & stick to it. Teach him to be patient till the meal arrives, the training may be hard, but it is not impossible. Your dog should know that he is supposed to eat only what is “served” or “edible”. 

Always keep a handy timetable about his mealtime, this will let you know when the time to feed the dog is & it’ll be easy to find out if you’ve neglected his mealtimes. Thus chances of him being hungry & exploring potential foods will be quite low.

Nutritional Diet is the Key

Feeding your pup whatever he wants because you have little time to deal with the tantrums of your little wonder will make him lack in some trace elements. The deficiency of these essential nutrients will make him crave for other food options. This is actually one of the main reasons for soil eating by the hounds, even by the healthy ones.


Therefore, feed the food which is rich in both macro & microelements. Train your dog to eat food, which is healthy, even if it is not necessarily lip-smacking. The pet must know that all his tantrums will not be answered, and making too many demands may backfire. [He will be served only what is “healthy”]

This doesn’t mean that he’ll be eating only the “disliked stuff”, treat him once or twice a week for being the good boy, he is.

Keep the Menu Interesting

Keep on exploring, adding & trying new options to maintain the variety on the menu. Try new meats or add some new ingredients to the old recipes. 

You can also buy uncooked or semi-cooked foods and serve them with homemade meals to make an interesting combination. However, don’t try to cook those meals which will take a lot of time as it may make you skip his mealtimes.

Serve the food in clean dishes and of course, serve it with love. I hope after doing this your dog will not think about eating poop. 

Keep the Stay Tidy

Keep the kennel tidy. Clean it as soon as the dog has finished answering nature’s call. As long as you have Best Roomba vacuum cleaner, cleaning is sure easy!!! This won’t give the dog any time to get mesmerized by its own stool & hence it won’t try to taste it. 

Also, once the dog becomes used to seeing you cleaning his stay after he has pooped, he will himself turn aside after relieving himself. 

If you’ve other pets along with a dog, then make it a point to clean the stool as soon as possible so that neither of the pets, including the hound, will have a chance to taste the soil.

Let Your Boy Play

Make sure your hound has an ample playtime as a part of his daily routine. Keep the hound engaged & let him play outdoors; this will keep him distracted from eating the inedible. Hence he won’t try to explore other options to engage his brain.


In fact, if you have other pets with a hound, then keeping a hound busy will also channelize his energy, and he won’t mess around with the other pets. 

Also, keeping him busy burns enough calories to make him hungry again & he won’t throw many tantrums during the mealtimes as he is already starving. Proper hunger will lead to better feeding & assimilation of the nutrients.

Buy Him Toys

Well! Believe it or not, but tasting stool can also be a part of a game for your hound. If you’re usually busy with yourself or the weather isn’t allowing you to take him to a park or for a walk, then give him toys. Hounds, especially the healthy ones, hate to sit idle. They need something to engage their brains.

A chewy or a ball or even a little swing will keep your darling stay engaged, and they’ll learn to enjoy themselves, especially when you have deadlines to meet, or they’re enclosed indoors. 

If you have more pets, then encourage all of them to play together or buy toys which can be enjoyed by all of them. 

Keeping your hounds busy with toys and games in the absence of outdoor activities won’t tempt them to explore other games like- tasting poop.

Train Him

Train him to listen to your commands & obey them. Be very patient with your puppy or dog and refrain from being angry or stern on them as this will panic them, and they will take longer than usual time to respond. 

The list of the commands must include the commands to not to get himself dirty in the soil after defecating or tasting it. Train them to use the commode or an alternative arrangement for defecating. 

This will reduce his chances of getting access to its poop after he is done answering nature’s call. 

Call a Vet

If your dog has abruptly developed an affinity towards his poop, then it might be a precursor of some serious illness. This indicates either his appetite has increased which can hint towards worms in the stomach or the food is not being digested properly. Lack of proper digestion is leading him towards a deficiency of many trace elements, and he is trying new foods like poop. 

Sometimes mental illness can also lead a dog to taste his soil.

Try to call the vet as soon as possible if you think it is alarming. 

Use Chemicals

Certain sprays carry such chemicals that give away a peculiar odor, which is usually hated by the hounds. You can use these sprays on the poop to make your dog dislike the smell of its poop & he won’t try to taste it at all. 

But before going the chemical way, make sure that your hound is not allergic to such pungent smells or these chemicals.

I hope now you can help your dog stay away from eating poop and focus on other menu options.

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