How To Make A Dog Stroller

Need A Dog Stroller

As dog owners, our pet’s happiness is our topmost priority – we’d do anything to make them as comfortable as possible. One of the easiest ways to make living easier for your dog is getting a dog stroller to facilitate mobility, especially when your dog is convalescent, weak, or just little to walk. 

As much as we want the best for our dogs, strollers these days are quite pricy, and we need to get on either way. You don’t have to worry; we at CanineFinds have just the perfect alternative. We will teach you how to make a dog stroller, so you don’t have to spend a fortune on purchasing one.

Materials needed

Making a dog stroller from scratch is an expert’s job, most likely an industry job. The easiest and inexpensive way for dog owners with the enthusiasm of a DIYer to make a stroller for their dogs is by using a baby stroller. 

Here are a couple of either item you’d be needing to make an efficient dog stroller;

  • Needle and thread or staple gun
  • Soft foam or cushion 
  • Mesh wires
  • Measuring tape
  • Leash
  • Hooks
  • Scissors 
  • Pieces of fabric

Now to the construction process!

Brace yourself; you’re about to create a masterpiece for your canine friend. A dog stroller that’ll make it super comfortable and for life.

 Without further ado, here are a couple of steps to take;

Step 1: Get rid of unwanted components.

Remember, you’re making a dog stroller out of an old baby stroller. While the baby stroller has a few components to retain, you’d still have to get rid of a couple. You’d have to remove the straps that come in between the baby’s legs.

Step 2: Check the recliner

For this step, you’d need to put the size of your dog into consideration. You need to check if the seat can be reclined to the back isn’t necessary when constructing for small dogs – this just means more space for it. However, if your dog is big, unscrew your recliner’s nuts and put the seat in a flat position.

You might need to get another old baby stroller if the seat cannot be reclined; it is almost impossible to make a pet stroller out of it.

Step 3: Take accurate measurements

The length and breadth of the front part of the stroller should be measured – this is where the baby’s legs are positioned initially. You’d also need to cover the holes there to keep your dog’s tail or paws from getting stuck.

Step 4: Fit the cushion

Fitting in a cushion is necessary for providing extra comfort for your dog. The soft foam or cushion would be used to cover the holes created for the baby’s girl. Cut the cushion in the right size and used it to fill the holes up. Your dog needs all the comfort you can provide.

Step 5: Stitch the fabric to cushion or foam

Cut enough fabric that’ll cover the cushion properly. It is advisable to add 6 inches on all sides to make sure the cushion e is wrapped correctly. Then stitch with your needle and thread. Ensure that the fabric is easy to wash; you’d be cleaning it a lot after every stroll or visit to the vet.

Step 6: Measure the length of the dog leash and secure it!

Measuring the leash is necessary for providing security and comfort for your dog. You want it to be able to move freely and not feel like a prisoner. Take your measurement from the back of the stroller, and give enough room as per your dog’s size. However, it shouldn’t be long enough to allow your dog to escape.

Properly secure the leash to the stroller by sewing it to the harness of the stroller’s frame, and attach it to its collar every time you need to take a stroll.

Step 7: Attach mesh wire

Adopt the same measurement used in step 6 to cut your mesh wires. Carefully attach the mesh wires to the baby stroller’s hood or safety bar, and secure with hooks or quality adhesive, whichever you can get. Also, stretch the mesh to the bottom of the stroller and staple. Having a mesh cover gives your dog the sense of security it needs to trust settling in its stroller.

Safety Precautions

Making a dog stroller out of a baby stroller isn’t as safe as it seems. Knowing how to make a dog stroller, you’d need to heed a few precautions, so you don’t hurt yourself. Though few, they remain relevant. Here they are;

  • Always use a thimble

When using a needle and thread to stitch certain components together, wearing a thimble is the safest way to avoid pricking your fingers.

  • Inspect stroller

You’ll most likely be using an old baby stroller to create a stroller for your dog. You must inspect the handle, tires, and other parts of the old baby stroller, to ensure that it is a good condition, good enough to accommodate your dog conveniently.

  • Train your dog to use the stroller

There is a high probability that your dog is scared of its newly constructed mobility device. Getting it to dive right into this stroller is quite the task, but it’s worth it, as you wouldn’t want to upset or traumatize your dog. So, have it see the stroller more often than before, and get to demonstrate the function of this stroller by placing a doll or other objects in it. As time goes by, your dog would want to go on a ride too. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it, quick and easy steps to understanding how to make a dog stroller! 

Building a royal carriage for your favorite buddy not only gives you a feeling of satisfaction but also makes your dog feel cared for. You also get to show other dog owners how skillful you can get when the need arises. 

You can also get creative when making a dog stroller. Add glitters, stickers, a water pouch, and other compartments that’ll keep your dog drawn to its stroller and make it feel like royalty.

I wish you all the best with this project!

Does Your Small Dog Need A Dog Stroller?

Need A Dog Stroller

Dog Strollers for Small Dogs

Smaller dogs often have difficulty keeping up with their owners when out for a walk. They tire easily and could also become dehydrated. To solve that problem, buy one of these dog strollers for small dogs. They all keep your little dog safe and contained while you can enjoy your walking experience. The strollers on this site are for dogs up to 12 lbs, up to 15 lbs, and up to 20 lbs. Just click on the tab to learn about their features.

Most of us are very attached to our dogs and enjoy taking them with us on our adventures.  Larger dogs, unless elderly or injured, can usually keep up with their owners.  However, small dogs often cannot.  These dogs can be aided with one of these dog strollers for small dogs.

Just by the virtue of the length of your dog’s legs and the length of your legs, smaller dogs must walk much faster than you in order to keep up.  Consequently, they will tire more quickly than you.  They can easily become dehydrated and even injure themselves trying to keep up.  Sadly, owners often do not notice this struggle and just keep pulling their little dog along.

You can easily solve this problem by investing in one of these dog strollers for small dogs.  These provide excellent safety and security for your little friend, allowing him to accompany you without any detriment to his well being.  He will enjoy the ride and you will still be able to take your walk.

Three sizes of dog strollers for small dogs are featured on this site: dogs up to 12 lbs, dogs up to 15 lbs, and dogs up to 20lbs.  It is recommended that you keep the maximum weight recommended by the manufacturer.  If your dog is close to the upper limit, you may want to consider going up to the next size dog stroller.

Now you can both enjoy your outdoor adventure.  Be sure to take water for both of you to keep you hydrated.

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10 Tips for Choosing the Best Dog Stroller for Small Dogs

Best Dog Stroller for Small Dogs

Are you wanting to spend time walking or running with your small dog?  Does it have trouble keeping up with you?  One of the many dog strollers for small dogs available on the market today may be just the answer to being able to take your dog on your walks.

dog stroller

Most dogs will struggle to maintain pace with their owners in order to please them.  Owners need to be aware that small dogs often tire very quickly, can easily become dehydrated, and even injure themselves trying to keep up.  Putting your dog in a stroller will give you the opportunity to spend more time outdoors with your dog without pushing him to his physical limits.

1. Maximum Pet Weight: Dog strollers should be chosen by the maximum weight recommended by the manufacturer.  If your pup is at the top of the weight range, move to the next larger size.  You will find these listings as “up to 12 lbs, up to 20 lbs” and so on all the way up to 50 lbs.

2.  Safety: Safety is very important.  You do not want your dog to be able to jump out of the stroller.  Make sure that the carrier part of the stroller has a clip that attaches to your dog’s collar.  This should be long enough for movement but not so long that your dog can get part way out.

3.  Ventilation: Ventilation is important for your dog’s health.  You do not want your pooch to suffer from heat exhaustion.  Make sure that the stroller you choose has open sides and top. This is usually a mesh fabric which allows for good airflow.  Plus,  your dog will be able to see what is going on.

4.  Access: The stroller you choose should have an easy access to loading and unloading your dog.  You do not want to have to struggle with this, as your dog may get impatient and bolt.

5.  Wheel Size: Although there is little variation in the size of wheels on dog strollers for small dogs, a little larger size can create a smoother ride with less resistance.

6. Brakes: Rear brakes on the wheels will keep your stroller from running away from you should you stop for a moment.  Your dog’s movement could easily get the stroller rolling if there are no brakes.

7.  Easy to Clean: A stroller that is easy to clean is a must.  Let’s face it, dogs are dogs and they often have accidents.  Choose a stroller with a removable pad or tray that is easy to clean.

8.  Storage: Storage is nice when pushing a stroller.  Some have storage under the carrier, some have storage hanging from the handle, some have trays with water cups.  Decide what you will be taking with you and choose accordingly.

9. Weight of Stroller:  A heavy, bulky stroller may be difficult to fold.  If you are going to be taking the stroller in your trunk or storing it at home, you will want one that is lightweight and easy to fold.

10. Flexibility:  The small dog strollers for small dogs often can be used three ways. First, as a stroller, second, by removing the carrier and adding straps to carry your dog, and third as a car seat with a loop that attaches to the seatbelt.  Some even fit under the seat in an airplane.

You will find a variety of dog strollers for small dogs by clicking on the tabs above.  This site has strollers for dogs up to 12 lbs, dogs up to 15 lbs, and dogs up to 20 lbs.

If your dog is larger than 20 lbs, you will find a nice selection of dog strollers for larger dogs at TSC.