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Turmeric is a plant that has long been heralded for its health benefits for more than a  century. Among many of its benefits, Turmeric has been used to lower the risk of heart disease, and also to improve cognitive brain functions. This herb offers a wide range of health benefits for humans, but surprisingly, it’s a great supplement for dogs! Turmeric provides some of the same advantages in dogs as it does in humans. In this article, we’ll examine what properties of Turmeric benefit your dog specifically, and how you can incorporate it into your dog’s diet.


Turmeric is probably best known for its ability to fight inflammation. Turmeric is composed of a number of molecules, the most important is known as Curcumin. Curcumin is what gives Turmeric the bright yellow coloring, and also is the key ingredient for combating inflammation. Low levels of inflammation fight foreign bacteria and repair damage to your dog’s tissues. Curcumin can be linked to preventing heart disease,

Reduces the risk of Cancer

One out of four deaths in America is attributed to cancer. Chronic inflammation is known to spread cancer cells. Turmeric is a natural remedy proven to slow the formation of cancer cells and combat harmful bacteria. Curcumin supports the body’s immunity in the molecular level to reduce the risk of cancer.

Treatment for Depression and Anxiety

This may not be the first ailment you think of in regards to your upbeat furry friend, but depression and separation anxiety are two conditions that dogs are susceptible to quite often. There are a number of factors that can trigger depression in your dog, such as the loss of a family member, moving to a new environment or old age. Since vets are hesitant to prescribe most dogs with anti-depressants, Turmeric can be a great alternative for your pet. Thanks to a study conducted by Ajay Goel, there is more evidence than ever showing that Turmeric inhibits the enzyme Monoamine Oxidase, which is linked to depression. It can also block the body’s release of cytokines, which are produced when there are high-stress levels in the body.

Combats Plaque and Gum Inflammation

One thing that can be a common source of stress in caring for your dog is the state of their teeth. We all know dogs have a tendency to get into anything and everything, so finding something to help clean their teeth is important. Turmeric can help prevent arteries from being clogged with plaque, but thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it’s able to fight free radicals that form in the mouth and body and reduce gum swelling. The antioxidant properties make Turmeric an excellent anti-microbial, which is an agent that can halt the growth of bacteria and fungus. In addition to this, Turmeric can be used to combat cancerous cells, especially in the case of oral cancer.

How Do I Get My Dog to Eat It?

Turmeric is a root plant and thus comes in a variety of forms. Much like Ginger, it is possible to consume Turmeric in its raw form but most dogs and humans would find that unappetizing. Turmeric powder can be found in most supermarkets and works great if you make your own dog food, but you will find that the levels of Curcumin in powder form may not be enough for treating the aforementioned illnesses. For this reason, Turmeric is best dispersed orally in a capsule form. Since Curcumin is fat soluble, it’s best to give it to your dog in a treat or soft chew form.

How much is safe for my dog?

Too much of anything is never a good thing. When giving your dog turmeric it is important to know the correct dosage. Small dogs under 20 pounds should be given ¼ a teaspoon a day, medium dogs under 40 pounds should be given ½ teaspoon a day, large dogs under 60 pounds should be given ¾ a teaspoon a day, and giant dogs over 60 should be dosed 1 teaspoon. However, you can find many turmeric dogs treats at pet stores that make it easy to add the supplement to your pooch’s diet.

We all know that being a dog owner is a really serious responsibility. Most people aren’t prepared for the health conditions that can come along in a dog’s lifetime, so why not take care to prevent these illnesses before they happen?  The benefits of Turmeric are so vast with virtually no side effects, making it a great thing to try for both you and your dog. When it comes to the overall health of your beloved canine, Turmeric is a great investment!

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