What Makes A Good Dog Blow Dryer

Blow drying your dog is a great way to keep them cool in the summertime. It also helps you get all of that extra pet fur off of their body which will help reduce shedding and make it easier for you to groom them at home. Dog blow dryers are gentle on your pup’s skin, so there won’t be any irritation or discomfort; plus, they have adjustable speeds, so you can find one that works best for your dog!

Dog Blow Dryer
Dog Blow Dryer

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What is a Dog Dryer?

As the name suggests, a dog dryer refers to a machine that can remove water or moisture from the body and fur of any breed of dog. These electrical devices perform their actions and functions for all the coats that the animal has. It can do so without stressing out a dog or making it uncomfortable. 

A dog dryer resembles the instrument that humans use to remove moisture from their hair. However, the two have a few significant differences between themselves. It can consist of the pressure and temperature of the air blown out. 

In most cases, a dog dryer is used to dry a dog’s fur after its bath. In addition, it can get used for removing any moisture that may be present on the animal’s body. For instance, the machine can find an application after the dog plays in the rain or a puddle. The ultimate purpose of a dog dryer is to help achieve and acquire dehydrated and clean fur with minimal time and effort.

What are the Different Types and Categories of Dog Dryers?

A dog dryer can get classified into different and distinct kinds. It depends on the type of work the device does and the size of the dog. A dog dryer can get divided into three categories, considering and using these parameters. They comprise the following:

  • Low-Pressure Dryers

A low-pressure dryer remains fixed at a place or mounted on a cage or a standing. In most cases, it blows out dry and warm air at a low intensity or pressure. 

  • Forced-Air Dryers

A forced-air dryer is handheld and can get moved freely and effortlessly. It blows out dry and cold air at high speed or velocity. It aids in driving or propelling moisture or water off the body or coat of a dog. 

  • Handheld Dryers

A handheld dryer is mobile, lightweight, and compact. It comes with an ergonomic handle that makes it easier to grip the device. It blows out air at a considerably high temperature. For that reason, these machines must not get used in proximity to a dog’s body. Otherwise, it can scald the animal. 

What are the Factors That Influence the Quality or Standard of a Dog Dryer?

The construction and operation of a dog dryer get affected and influenced by numerous parameters. They control and determine the quality and standard of the electrical appliance. A few of such factors consist of the following:

  • Hose Length

It is an obvious and inevitable fact that a dog will move about and fidget during the drying process. Nevertheless, the arduous nature of the act can get reduced significantly if the hose length of the dog dryer is more or adjustable. The ability to increase or extend the hose permits the users of the machine to take it to a greater distance. It helps reach the animal further. It stands true even if the dog runs away. 

  • Durability and Sturdiness

Any product bought with money must be such that it lasts for a substantial amount of time. It is necessary to make the purchase a worthwhile one. On top of that, it ensures that an individual does not have to change or buy the machine often. No product is an exception to this case, not even a dog dryer. The electrical appliance should remain durable and sturdy irrespective of the extent and degree of abuse and use it experiences. The best dog dryer will be one that remains in an appropriate and suitable working condition even after that and last for a minimum of two years. 

  • Storage Capacity

A dog dryer can be of various forms, sizes, and shapes. Even so, it should come with a structure and construction that makes it effortless to store and use. It stands true irrespective of the types of dog dryer, whether it is a mounting or a handheld type. On top of that, the device should not be bulky. 

  • Speed Variation

Different breeds of dogs require and prefer a particular speed of the air blown out of a dog dryer when drying their fur. The machine may come at a fixed setting of the parameter. In that case, it may not be sufficient to drive off the moisture from the animal’s body. In other cases, the pressure influenced by the airspeed may be uncomfortable for the dog. It is arduous to understand the animal’s preference before purchasing the dog dryer. For that reason, it is better if the device comes with options to regulate and change the speed. 

  • Temperature Variation

A dog dryer may come with an air temperature that is too hot and scald the dog’s body. Otherwise, it may be too cold. If that happens, it may become inefficient in blowing off water or moisture from the animal’s body. For that reason, it is best if the electrical appliance has settings to adjust the temperature to one that suits the coat type and preference of the dog.

  • Noise

The hearing capabilities and capacities of dogs exceed that of humans by a significant margin. It is a globally-known fact. That is why the noise created and generated by a dog dryer can prove highly distressing and tormenting for them. They may find the noise repulsive and associate their disgust and fear of the sound with the machine. It would lead them to run away or turn aggressive whenever they hear the machine operating. For that reason, a dog dryer should have minimal noise production to prevent startling the dog. Some models have noise-nullifying features that help considerably in such cases. 

  • Maintenance

Dog dryers can become clogged and blocked with the fur or hair blown off a dog’s body. It can lead to the appliance becoming unusable. Hence, it is essential to clean the machine often and ensure its upkeep by washing the removable air filter. However, these processes and steps should be effortless and undemanding. The users should be able to clean their dryers with minimal effort and time. 


Blow drying your pup is a great way to keep them cool in the summertime, but it has other benefits too. While they are being blow-dried, you can get all of that extra pet fur off of their body which will help reduce shedding and make it easier for you when grooming at home. Dog blow dryers are gentle on your pup’s skin, so there won’t be any irritation or discomfort.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to invest in a dog blow dryer for your pup’s summertime needs? If so, here is the best Pet Dryer on the market, with variable-speed control.

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