Top 7 most popular crossbreed dogs

Your pups are the companions that will add color to your life and home. Even the people who are not partial to dogs will cuddle and play with them once they are in the house. With adorable snouts and wagging tails, you will quickly become addicted to the pup you bring home.

It may become difficult to care for them when growing up, but the puppy eyes and love kisses you receive will always be out of gratitude towards you. While you may not be able to afford two dogs, you can always have a crossbreed with qualities of two dogs merged into one.

1. Labsky

Highly active and intelligent, you will have a great time training the dog tricks and overall activities you would spend with it. It brings you the best of both breeds. It is medium-sized and high in energy, weighing 40-60 pounds.

  • It has a double coat of hair owing to the husky mutt genes that aids survival in cold climates. It requires daily brushing to remove the loose and dead fur to avoid matting and frayed hair. 
  • They come in white, black, cream, brown and grey colours. They have solid coats and mix colours. 
  • Labsky has good health but may face some eye conditions, obesity, allergies, hip dysplasia. But can be prevented and treated with regular vet visits.

2. Mini Bernese Mountain Dog

 Living in a city, you don’t want a dog that helps you keep in line the cattle and catch and kill rodents. No, you want a snuggle pup who loves to play with you. Bernese mountain canines are large, strong dogs with a beautiful tricoloured coat.

  • Mini Bernese Mountain Dogs are the Bernese mountain dogs crossed with Cavalier King Charles or the miniature or toy Poodle to get a small-sized Bernese mountain dog
  • They are goofy and loving and crave attention. Excellent to be raised with family and kids; they have a very soft temperament. They are highly sought after due to their supposedly hypoallergenic coat, which is suitable for people with allergies.

3. Chug

In a cross between chihuahua and pug, the offspring is larger than chihuahua and smaller than a pug. With playful, loyal, intelligent characteristics, they have a huge personality that is energetic and snappy. But you can train them to be around small children if the play gets intense.

  • There is no poodle in the pup, and it has the traits of a chihuahua, a dog with ancient origins in Mexico, and a pug from the Buddhist temples of Tibet. Chugs come in white cream, dark brown, golden, black and brown. They may be speckled, brindle, spotted and merle with adorable wrinkles. 

4. Pomsky

They are the goofballs that everybody loves and adores. With a dainty mouth and a darling attitude, they are the crossbreed of Siberian huskies and pomeranians reaping the benefits of both clans. They require attention and are not excessively exercise oriented. Fiercely loyal, willful and cheeky, pomsky will crack you up with adorable activities around you.

  • They shed frequently and require a coat comb every day. A solid coat to protect them from cold comes from the Siberian lineage. Bicolor, tricolour, brindle, flecked/ticked/speckled, tuxedo, they are available in every colour. 
  • Around 30-35 pounds, pomsky is for people who do not have the space for huskies in their apartment.

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5. Corgipoo

Your fluffball of happiness and cuddles is a Pembroke welsh corgi and poodle crossbreed. They have a loving temperament and are active to wagtail and follow you around. They are perfect for a morning walk and evening strolls. They are small and require only minimum exercise to maintain activity and energy levels.

  • They are known for their poodle-genetic hypoallergenic qualities. They have wavy, straight or curly coats and require regular brushing and detangling to prevent matting. They have White, Black and White, Black, Brown, Sable, Red and Cream.
  • They are socially trained, or people may induce snappy reactions from your pup. 
  • As these adorable puppies are prone to obesity, you have to be mindful of the treats and food you give them and the training and exercise time.

6. Morkie

Small, energetic and silly, morkie brings the best of both breeds that it comes from Maltese and Yorkshire terrier, also known as Morkshire terrier.

  • Just as their genetic parents, they do not shed but are not hypoallergenic. They are black, brown, white but may change colours over time. 
  • Morkie are small dogs with big personalities. Stubborn and energetic, they usually get their way with puppy eyes and long wavy coats. 
  • It would be best to watch them for signs of disease as they are sensitive and need regular vet visits to keep them in shape and in the best health. They may suffer from the collapsed trachea, dental disorders, hernia, reverse sneezing, and glaucoma. 

7. Puggle

They have the wrinkles of a pug and the longer muzzle of a beagle. Puggles are energetic dogs that require training to speed them up physically. They love racing and open space for digging and playing.

  • They have laid down ears and a tail of a beagle and a calm personality for the children around them. They weigh about 18-30 pounds but are not much in height that reaches 13-15 inches. 
  • Due to the crossbreeding, they may suffer from Stenotic nares that give them a pinched nose. You can recognize it from noisy breathing or blue gums that means they are not getting enough oxygen. The best way is to avoid muscle/fat buildup by keeping them active.

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You can choose from the widely available options and breeds. But you can always adopt before you decide to buy any of them. Dogs are the most loyal companion that will serve you to their end of days as humans tend to live longer. This guide has introduced you to the best of the crossbreeds, but when it comes to adopting dogs, you want to let your heart decide: don’t look for an advantage or low maintenance; look for the pair of puppy eyes that peek into your soul.

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