Human Foods not to Feed Your Dog

You probably have heard the famous citation about being responsible for those you tamed, and that is a true story. As a dog owner, you should take good care of it, provide it with enough food, water, and activities, and have regular checkups at the vet. As dogs are very active pets, they need a lot of attention and time spent together.

Human Foods not to Feed Your Dog

In return, they will cheer you up, make you healthier, and get you out of stress and depression. Being active and curious by nature, dogs often find food left by you after meals and taste it. While some can be dog-friendly, our food and snacks are not always suitable for our dogs. In this guide, we will talk about products that should never be given to your dog to avoid possible problems. 

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Top Recommendations on Things not to Feed the Dog With

It doesn’t matter whether the dog found your chocolate bar under the sofa or you decided to give it a treat on your own. Some food we consume every day can be harmful to our pets, and if you don’t want to hurt your fluffy friend, you need to watch what your dog eats during the day carefully. Of course, it’s impossible to stop it from such accidental findings, but at least, you won’t let your dog eat harmful products when you are around. On this product list, you can find top human foods we love some much, but that can lead to harmful consequences if your dog takes it. 


Everybody knows that chocolate is not suitable for dogs, and sadly, but our pets can’t stop when they find some of it left. Chocolate also has some caffeine and other components that increase the animals` heartbeat and impact the nerves. The symptoms of intoxication will depend on the exact amount eaten and the type of chocolate. The most poisonous is dark chocolate, especially for puppies, but in general, you can expect to see diarrhea, extreme thirst, increased temperature, and, sometimes, it may end up with death. So next time you decide to leave chocolates at your tea table, keep your dog out of the room;


We can’t imagine someone offering a cup of coffee to a dog, but many products like chocolate and ice-cream are made with caffeine, which is very poisonous for dogs. Within a couple of hours, your pet can become extremely hyperactive and start experiencing nervousness, increased heart beating, it will be throwing up all the time, and its blood pressure will increase. Sometimes, it also means death;


Vets` opinion on this product is not solid: in some cases, grapes caused no harmful effect while in some, dogs` kidneys failed. We think that it’s not worth risking, and it is much easier to keep your pet away from it. If the pet eats it, in twelve hours, you could notice diarrhea and constant throwing up, and if it is not treated at once, it can cause a lack of water in the organism, bad appetite, and problems with urination. When you notice at least one of these symptoms, bring your dog to the vet right now: otherwise, it may end up with serious kidney problems or even death from its failure within a few days;


Again, we are not trying to say that you are getting drunk with your dog. But many products like syrups and drinks can have some amount of alcohol, mostly threatening to your four-legged friend. They can cause vomiting, the body’s high temperature, attacks, and restlessness. If your dog shows these signs, you have to see a vet right away and stay there until it recovers. Otherwise, it can cause the failure of some body’s organs and even kill your pet;


This chemical component is used for sweetening in such products as bakery, sugar-free candy, and gum. You can also find it in toothpaste, cough drops, mouthwash, and even the vitamins you take. All these things should be put away from your pet’s reach because xylitol can threaten its life with decreased blood sugar and damaged liver. Basic symptoms include throwing up (it is always a bad sign) and coordination problems that can last from a couple of minutes to several hours. Based on studies, just one piece of gum is enough to receive a toxic dose;

Onions and Garlic

Your dog should avoid anything related to onions. It contains elements that may cause such diseases as anemia and damage their blood cells. In fact, garlic is several times more dangerous than onions, so you should be careful when you share your food with your dog. The signs of intoxication often don’t come up for a couple of days and include extreme weakness and bright orange color of urine;

Cat Food

For some not quite understandable by vets reason, many people believe that food for cats can be fine for dogs as well, while, in fact, cat food is good only for cats. It contains proteins, vitamins, and fat that positively impact cats but may do harm to your dog’s organism. Too much of it can cause obesity, pain in the stomach, and pancreatitis, so never let your dog touch your cat’s meals;

Apple Seeds

Many dog owners treat their pets with apples, and it’s okay unless you let them eat all of it, including seeds. They contain a natural component that frees up cyanide when consumed. It can be dangerous only if eaten in a large amount, but it’s not worth the risk. To save your dog from negative consequences, ensure you removed all seeds before giving it an apple;


This product contains persin that is causing diarrhea and is responsible for heart overload and vomiting. The most poisonous part is the pit where there is the most amount of persin contained. Even if your dog ate a small piece, take it to the vet immediately.

You can find many dog food reviews with recommendations on a proper diet on the web. If you are not completely sure what is good or dangerous for your dog, consult a vet, and create a special diet so that your dog could receive all vitamins and be active and healthy. Of course, it can be hard to watch your dog all the time or ignore them asking for food from your table, but you should remember that feeding your dog with human snacks or leftovers can result in overweight and even more serious issues.

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