How to Train Your Pitbull Puppy?

Nowadays there are many training methodologies available for you to choose from when it comes to training your pitbull puppy. Pit bulls may have a rough look, but in reality, they are soft loving creatures.

It’s important for you to build a strong bond with your puppy if you intend to make the training process fun and rewarding. The easiest way to achieve this is to praise it a lot and by using rewards when your puppy achieves goals.

In this article, we will discuss how you can train your puppy in a few easy steps.

Teaching 5 Basic Manners

You can start teaching a few basic manners to your puppy when it is as young as eight weeks old. There are many basic manners that can be taught to your little puppy. Positive reinforcement is the training method you can use to teach some of these basic manner training and this will come in handy in a lot of situations.

Some basic manner training is discussed below.

1. Come

This life-saving recall command is one of the most crucial commands that your puppy should learn. To teach this, choose a quiet part of your house with one of your helper holding the puppy.

You can keep a treat in your hand to lure in the puppy. Whilst calling its name you need to walk back towards the opposite end.

Once your puppy shows the desire to come to you, you can instruct the helper to let it go. Once it reaches you give it the treat instantly and praise it for running towards you.

Make this a daily habit and make it more challenging by creating distractions and increasing the distance.

2. Sit

One of the easiest things to teach your puppy is to teach it to sit. Here too you can use a treat to lure your puppy. Be sure to select a quiet area with limited distractions.

By moving the treat over the puppy’s head, it will automatically hunch him lower to sit. You can praise it and give it the treat as soon as the rear touches the floor.

Every time its rear touches the floor you can start adding the word sit. This will guide your puppy to associate this command with the act of sitting. You need to repeat this process several times making it familiar with your puppy.

3. Stay

This command is difficult to teach a very young puppy so it requires a lot of attention. You can teach this to older puppies simply by asking them to sit or lay down next to you. Then pronounce the word stay by opening the palm of your hand.

While leaving the palm of your hand open take a step forward and place yourself in front of your dog. Once you see that your dog has not moved you can return to your previous position beside your dog and praise it for staying by giving it a treat.

You can increase the challenge by moving ahead more spaces or increasing the time your pup needs to stay. You can also create distractions to see if your pup stays still.

4. Lay Down

To teach your pup to lay down you must already teach it to sit first. To start teaching this, command your pup to sit while facing it with a treat in hand.

Make an imaginary L letter by bringing the treat to the puppy’s nose first, then down in a vertical straight line between the pups legs and then pulling it out horizontally.

The puppy will lie down due to following the treat – just as its armpits touch the floor you can praise it and let it have the treat by releasing it between the paws.

You can start pronouncing the command “lay down” in your next repetitive attempts so that your puppy associates the action with the command.

5. Watch Me

This is another important command to teach your pup. By learning this command your puppy can stay focused on you. To teach this you need to say “Watch Me” while holding a treat at your eye level.

You can praise and give your puppy the treat as soon as he makes eye contact. You can make it more challenging by increasing the duration of time you hold the treat at your eye level increasing the time of your pups focus on you.

Why is it Important to Teach Your Puppy to Socialize Early?

Some Pit Bull Terriers are known to display the tendency of being aggressive towards other dogs as they reach social maturity. This breed of dogs is also a very powerful breed so it is crucial to train them on early socialization.

The best way to do this is to socialize your puppy with other known dogs that are already vaccinated and clean and in controlled, safe environments. Here’s how you can socialize your dog in a few simple steps.

Classes to Train Puppies

Puppy Classes are the best way to go. You need to find a reputable training center that can teach your puppy how to be benevolent pack leaders by positive reinforcement training.

Take Your Puppy Out

You can take your puppy out and introduce it to others. This will teach your puppy how to behave in different situations and what to expect around other dogs and humans.

This will enable it to avoid getting aggressive, anxious or nervous around other dogs.

Get them Toys

Dog toys for pit bulls are the best way to keep them distracted and entertained while you aren’t around them.

Balls, ropes, stuffed animals that squeak and chewy toys are sure to keep your furniture and other stuff intact from bite marks while you run to get some errands done.

Don’t Lose Your Temper

It’s tough being a new parent to a puppy. You may find it hard to control your temper when you come home to a house filled with dog poo or food all over the place and things being shredded or scratched.

It’s important to not scream at or hit your dog at this time. Keep your cool and handle the situation with patience and love.

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Training your puppy can be one of the most precious times spent that can create an amazing bond. So follow the steps above to train your puppy easily and be the proud owner of a well behaved and well-trained dog soon enough.

Happy Training!

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