How to Choose a Fresh Dog Food Delivery Service

If you’re tired of picking up dog food at the grocery store, it might be time to try a fresh dog food delivery service. These companies offer convenient and healthy options that can help improve the quality of your pet’s life. 

Before you sign up, though, there are certain aspects that you need to think about first. In this article, you will discover information about these services to make an informed decision about whether or not it’s right for your furry friend.

Complete and Balanced Nutrition

The first consideration for choosing a dog food delivery service is checking the package and ensuring it contains complete balanced nutrition. 

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) sets guidelines for the nutritional requirements of dog food products for complete and balanced nutrition. You might want to check it out and ensure that the food you buy meets those criteria. 

Human-grade Ingredients

Human-grade food is a term that refers to the quality of the ingredients used. Some pet foods use ingredients that have been processed. In contrast, human-grade food uses more natural products that are not chemically treated. 

If a dog’s diet consists of human-grade food, you can be sure that it contains all the nutrients they need because they haven’t been altered in any way.

Human grade is important for your dog because it means he will get real meat and vegetables instead of fillers such as grains or starches. If you want to know what your dog is eating, you should be careful about what goes into his bowl so that he gets everything he needs from his meal.

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Contamination Controls

Using a dog food delivery service with strict contamination control procedures is important. This is because you’ll never know what’s in the air or on surfaces around where your dog food is prepared, and that can lead to problems if there are bacteria or mold spores.

The first thing they should do is regularly test their products for contamination. They should also let you know how often they do this testing, so if there’s ever an issue with your order, it could be traced back to its source quickly and easily. 

If something does happen—and even though it shouldn’t—they should have clear instructions on what steps you need to take next. Whether that means returning the food or getting a refund on it (if applicable), who will pay shipping costs (if any), etc.

A Trial Period

You should ensure you are given a trial period before committing to a subscription. A trial period is usually one week, but it should be long enough for your dog to adjust to the food. This is especially if they have been eating something else for a while.

A trial period should also give you time to determine if there are any allergies or digestive issues that may be caused by the fresh dog food delivery service itself. 

Check Out the Company’s Sustainability Practices

It’s important to remember that the most sustainable dog food delivery services do more than just offer you the option of switching out your dog’s food. 

They also allow you to track your carbon footprint, go green by recycling and composting, reduce water usage, and lower energy consumption. If a company is not doing all these things (or at least trying), it might not have their customers’ best interests at heart.

Common Myths Surrounding Dog Food

With the above information, we also felt it necessary to debunk some myths about dog food that you may have heard. Debunking these myths will help you make the right buying decision. Keep reading.

Dogs can eat anything

One of the most common myths about dog food is that dogs can eat anything. While it is true that dogs are not as picky as humans when it comes to food, they do have specific nutritional needs that must be met to stay healthy. Feeding a dog a diet of table scraps or other human food can lead to nutritional deficiencies or other health problems.

All dog foods are the same

Another common myth about dog food is that all brands and types are identical. This is simply not true. Like human food, there is a wide variety of dog foods on the market, and not all of them are the same. It is important to do your research and choose a high-quality dog food that meets your pet’s individual needs.

Dry food is bad for dogs

While it is true that dry food does not contain as much moisture as wet food, it can still be a healthy option for your pet. Dry food can be a good choice for dogs who need to lose weight or those with dental problems that make it difficult to chew wet food.

Wet food is better for dogs

Wet food is not necessarily better for dogs than dry food. While wet food does contain more moisture, it can also be more expensive and may be more difficult to store than dry food. Ultimately, the best type of food for your dog depends on his or her individual needs and preferences.

Grain-free diets are better for dogs

Grain-free diets are often marketed as better for dogs, but no scientific evidence supports this claim. Grain-free diets may be appropriate for some dogs with allergies or sensitivities, but they are not necessarily healthier for all dogs. Talk to your veterinarian before switching your dog to a grain-free diet.

Organic dog food is better for dogs

Organic dog foods are often marketed as healthier for pets, but no scientific evidence supports this claim. Organic foods may be free from pesticides and other chemicals, but they are not necessarily more nutritious than non-organic products.

Final Word

Some companies will offer you a free trial period so that you can see how they operate and make sure they’re right for your pet. We are sure the above information was helpful. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask us in the comments!

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