4 Dog Breeds That Love to Be Active and Relax

All dogs love to exercise and snuggle — however, it can be hard to find a breed that loves both. Some breeds demand exercise more than others, and this can be surprising to new dog owners if they’re not used to being out walking for at least two hours every day. Others prefer to stay by your side and keep you company, not endure a long run in the cold.

However, it’s possible to take home a dog breed that loves to be active and relax afterward!

For any dog lovers who need a dog that’s both active and cuddly, this list is for you. Here are four dog breeds that you can exercise with and cuddle after.

1. German Shepherds

German shepherds are intensely loving animals with fierce protection instincts. For this reason, it’s a great idea to socialize your young dog with other dog-walkers as well as friends and family. Socialized German Shepherds are politely inquisitive at first and always love to give a big kiss to friends they see regularly.

According to thegermanshepherdhub, these dogs enjoy long walks and cuddles in equal measure and are some of the most loyal and rewarding animals you’ll meet.

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2. Border Collies

High-energy dogs with a great sense of mischief, Border Collies are some of the best dogs for those who like to be out and about all day. Border Collies are commonly considered excellent working dogs or sheepdogs. You’ll have a hard time tiring a young Border Collie out — they can go and go. 

They’re friendly, inquisitive dogs who love nothing better than to plonk themselves down on you when you’re about to get up and do something. They were originally used by raiders on the English-Scottish border to steal sheep from farmers. Perhaps this is where their lingering sense of mischief comes from.

3. Alaskan Malamute

Malamutes are huge, fluffy dogs that are bred to trek for miles in freezing conditions. They have incredible stamina and love to go on long walks.

They’re also superb dogs for a cuddle. Their thick, soft coats are part of the reason they have long been favored by people traveling in freezing conditions. Malamutes were trained to lie down on top of their owners to keep them warm, so if your Mamalute lies down on top of you, it’s probably trying to comfort you.

4. Siberian Husky

Beloved by many dog lovers owing to their striking blue eyes and gorgeous coats, Huskies love a long walk. They have boundless energy and are extremely affectionate: a socialized Husky is always keen to greet new friends, so you may have to restrain them slightly when young. Not everyone is ready for a big Husky kiss!

They’re highly affectionate animals and will enjoy resting with you on the sofa after a long walk. And you can gaze into their eyes forever.

Conclusion: Love Your Dog, Love Your Health

These four breeds can accompany you on a long jog or a night spent relaxing on the couch. However, you should only get an active breed if you’re committed to their wellbeing and ready to provide for them. 

Even though these dogs love to cuddle, they also need a lot of exercises. If you’re up for the challenge, the rewards will be immense. It’s great for your physical health to run with a big dog, and it’s great for your mental health to have a fluffy friend to snuggle with at the end of the day. We’ll see you in the park!

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