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Life can sometimes be overwhelming; it can sometimes keep us very busy so much so that the things that we have to attend to ensure that we do not have time for ourselves. Or even, for the things or persons that we love and value.

The prime examples of those usually affected the most are our family members and loved ones. However, in most cases, these people have activities that keep them busy too. And the children will have to go to school.

So, who takes care of the pets?

Dog Day Care Services

Also known as doggy daycare, this is a place setup to cater to dogs’ needs. They are the equivalent of what daycare is for toddlers. You can read more about it here.

Every pet owner knows the risks associated with leaving your pets, especially dogs, unattended in a day. Aside from the fact that it is not advisable and that they might become very malnourished, they are also prone to costly mischiefs if let on their own.

However, an environment designed specifically to cater to them, in which they can also socialize, is the ideal alternative to leaving them lonely at home. Also, the risk of their being up to some mischief or causing some damage or even injuries to themselves is reduced.

The following are some of the benefits of a dog daycare service

A Place to Socialize

Dogs are active and social creatures and need to socialize and express themselves in the best way they know-how. This is significantly inhibited when they are locked up at home with no place to go.

These centres are safe places where they can be gathered under close supervision to socialize and express themselves while being taken care of. The caregivers are also professionals who know the best way to handle any challenge or circumstance that might arise.

A Place to Exercise

The really active ones will definitely find a way to keep active and of course, it wouldn’t bode well for you and your belongings. There are species that can or will sleep off the whole day and not give any issues. However, health-wise, this is not the best for them as they run the risk of developing various health challenges over time.

This is another challenge that doggy care can take care of because, in these centres, lots of activities are planned to keep them busy and active. And they are very well supervised for their own safety too.

Help for those with Separation Anxiety Condition

This is a condition that occurs in some pets, especially dogs. It is usually as a result of one form of trauma or the other that your pet has formerly faced. It is basically a form of post-traumatic depression (PTSD) and those with this condition don’t like to be left alone as they may start behaving in an erratic manner.

The doggy care centre provides a remedy for handling this condition as it provides an environment where they can be actively engaged and in the process recover. You can also find out more about separation anxiety in dogs for yourself.

They Maintain Your Routine

Generally, everyone has their own routine and structure of how they take care of their pets. This is crucial in taking care of pets as it creates fixed times for one activity or the other.

These centers will also follow the routine already established between you and your pet when you engage their services.

Some Peace and Quiet

This is most beneficial to the owner. This is because firstly, you are certain that your dog is in good hands also, you are certain that there are no mischiefs going on in your house when you’re not there.

Even on the occasion that you want to stay at home to attend to some issues, you are able to do so without many distractions.

Are Doggy Care Services Good for All Dogs?

Are Doggy Care Services Good for All DogsSadly, this is not the case. There are some dogs that would not adapt to such environments. There are various reasons why this may be so but we will not go into that in this article.

However, there are certain things for you to take note of while making the consideration of whether to take them to a care center. They include the following:

  1. Is it Properly Trained: This is a big challenge that has to be considered before they are brought over. This is because, if they are not properly trained to be sociable, they will exhibit great aggressive tendencies at the center.
  2. Does It Have an Aggressive History: This is important to consider before they are taken to a care center. this is because, if there have been instances of aggression to it or from it to humans or dogs then this environment might not be safe for it.
  3. What is its Health Status: Being a gathering where they will be mixing up a lot, it is crucial that they have to be properly vaccinated and be in good health. Again, is it injured, or does it require special care? These factors are also to be considered. This is for their safety and the safety of the rest of the pack.

It is important however, to note that an efficient and proper care center should be able to do an initial assessment of your pet before it is taken in.

Any efficient care center should also have many added programs that hugely impact your dog positively. There are many such centers around, you can find out more at www.gooddog.ca especially if you live in the Port Coquitlam area.


Having a pet in the house presents a unique set of challenges that have to be met if proper care is to be given to them. And sometimes, our schedules may not allow us to be able to do this well.

Dog daycare and boarding services help us handle responsibilities like this, and all parties involved benefit from these arrangements.

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