What to Know Before Getting a Tattoo of Your Pet

One of the most meaningful types of tattoos that are trending among animal lovers is tattoos of their past and present pets. 

For many, pets aren’t just to guard the house – they’re special members of the family. Cats, dogs, ferrets, and the like hold a special place in their owners’ hearts. They help us through rough times and never fail to show up when we need them.

So, what better way to remember an old pal and celebrate the ones by our side than remember them with a tattoo? 

If you are curious about getting a tattoo of your beloved friend, stay tuned. 

Your Pet Will Approve!

Pick the Perfect Artist

When scouting for the perfect artist for the job, you want someone whose style you enjoy and feel will best be able to bring your vision to life. 

Investigate online and view portfolios of various artists. Look for an artist with a large portfolio, like Jose Contreras realism tattoo artist in Dallas, that proves their skill at tattooing realistic details.

Write a direct message, email, or make a phone call to several artists to discuss your ideas and ask for more examples of their work that reflects the idea you have in mind for your realistic pet tattoo.

Communicate Your Pet Tattoo Idea Clearly

Once you have found the artist whose work you like and you have a design that appeals to you, you need to book a consultation with the artist. You want to help the artist see your vision and assist them in creating the best possible design. So it is highly recommended to take visual references of your pet to show them. 

The best thing you can take to show the artist what you are hoping for is a few high-resolution photos of your beloved pet. Odds are you have plenty of images of your pet, but one where they look particularly photogenic and almost posed is a great place to start.

You have a vision for your tattoo, but experienced artists will likely suggest how they can make it into a gorgeous piece that you will cherish forever. Don’t let the artist discard your ideas, and also be willing to listen to their advice.

Remember, not all artists specialize in the same areas and styles. If you wish to have the most detailed and accurate artwork etched onto your body, you must go with someone with the skill and experience to achieve it.

Questions to Ask Your Tattoo Artist Before You Book

Getting a tattoo is a special experience that you shouldn’t take lightly. Keep these questions in mind to ensure you and your tattoo artist are on the same page about your design and that your personalities vibe well.

  • What designs are your favorite to do?
  • Where on my body do you recommend this tattoo?
  • How much will this tattoo cost?
  • Can I take breaks during the process?
  • How will you prepare? How would you practice for this tattoo?

Carry a Reminder of Your Pet

Many tattoo artists have found that tattoos are becoming more popular, and pet portrait tattoos are some of an artist’s favorites to offer among their skills. Gone are the days of a mere pawprint or name. 

Getting a tattoo of your pet (or your entire pet family) may have seemed peculiar years ago. But today, people are increasingly decorating their bodies with their paws and claw friends. And if you are one of them, know that exceptional tattoo artists have built their careers and portfolios around creating highly detailed and realistic designs. 

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