English Bulldog Puppies – Finding a Quality English Bulldog Breeder

Are you thinking about bringing a new little pup into your family? Is your heart and mind set on the English Bulldog breed ? Well, no surprise there, given they are the fifth most popular dogs in the world!

They weigh around 50 pounds and are preciously little, adorably friendly, and calm pups to have around. Yet, they also have exceptional strength and robustness. 

You will have no trouble finding English bulldog puppies for sale Dallas. However, keep in mind that despite their easygoing attitude, they need to be cared for exceptionally well, like other pups.

On that ground, you must find an excellent breeder who knows the ABCs about them to provide you with a perfect pup and help you with proper parenting. 

To help you out with that, here are some tips:

1. Kickstart with Some Research

The internet is undoubtedly the first place people go when searching for something new. In this light, that’s where you should start to research potential breeders from whom you buy. At the same time, do not make the mistake of buying an English Bulldog from a link that you spotted online. 

Your sole focus must be to come up with a list of five to seven breeders. Read through their breeding history and then make an informed decision. 

2. Look for Referrals

The best way to get a healthy bulldog is to ask around among friends and relatives who might have raised them. Talk to them and inquire about their breeders. 

They will provide you with essential information because of their hands-on experience compared to online sources or those who have never brought a pup home. Moreover, these breeds are unlike any others, so asking for referrals is a sound decision that will immensely help!

3. Visit the Store

Once you have the list of breeders at hand, it’s time for visitation. It is a high chance that the breeder’s online search and phone interview came out clean, so you might think all is well. 

But they will show red flags when you ask to come over and visit the breeding facility.    

Taking time out for visitation is one of the best things you can do because it is not a decision made lightly. Of course, don’t be close-minded and assume a high-end shop. Some breeders open their facility at their home for the two or three litters they raise. 

4. Look for Signs of Trouble

While visiting, inspect carefully and look for signs that shout TROUBLE!

The first thing to notice should be cleanliness – the space where puppies live must be clean and well-maintained. Moreover, the pups and their parents should also be appropriately cared for. 

It is fine if your English Bulldog is shy, but they should not be skittish or unsocial. Bear in mind that being unwilling to interact with humans is a clear sign of being raised in an unhealthy environment. 

Besides, a good breeder will answer all your questions and will show you around. 

5. Be Ready to Be Tested as Well

A great breeder will not sell their English Bulldog to anyone. They protect their little buddies and have a thorough selection process that you will have to pass with flying colours. They will want to learn essential details about you and your family and the living situation before they give you a dog. 

You can expect the following things from a professional and excellent breeder:

  • Wait for around ten weeks to pick up your puppy
  • Family background check to ensure the dog will be cared for 
  • Questions about your history with dogs and how much you understand about them

Breeders use these to ensure that their little buddies go to good homes. To that end, an unethical person won’t go to such lengths and will probably give you a dog on the same day. However, that’s not what you should want!

6. Ask for Medical History and Certifications

Essentially, quality breeders selling English bulldog puppies for sale Dallas will be able to provide proof of their breeding stock genetic testing. More likely, they will have records of the veterinarian visits of the English Bulldogs’ parents, including proof of shots, worming, and other routine checkups involved when breeding stocks. 

Don’t hesitate to ask for these documents, as one misstep of yours will bring home someone who runs into things, doesn’t listen to your calling and is not as pleasant as you wish. 

On an important note, your selected breeder will also handle the first eight to ten weeks of vaccinations and provide documents.

Wrapping Up!

Bringing home your new little buddy is exciting for you and your family. You probably can’t wait to spend quality time and create unforgettable memories. However, take time to research and visit the facilities. Besides, don’t forget to examine the same and ask relevant questions. Pay the breeder the same attention as you are paying the English Bulldog

A good breeder will interview you exactly as you do! Don’t be worried about it because it’s a good thing that they care for their English Bulldog. It reflects well on their excellent facility, professionalism, and transparency. 

Remember that rushing into a purchase will turn your dream of owning a happy and perfect puppy into a nightmare!

Richard Hayes

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