Doggy Do Good Introduces ZERO™ Pet Waste Bags

 The First Landfill-Friendly™ Pet Waste Bags

ROYAL OAK, MI (6/26/24)— Doggy Do Good, the leader in eco-friendly pet products, today announced the launch of an entirely new category of pet waste bags that are a game changer for people, pets and the planet. ZERO™ Pet Waste Bags are the first Landfill-Friendly™ pet waste bags designed to reduce plastic build-up in landfills.

Every year, over 500 million plastic pet waste bags are thrown into landfills, lingering for centuries. ZERO™ bags take on this important issue without asking consumers to change their habits or spend more.

Crafted from 65% post-consumer recycled plastic, ZERO™ bags are engineered with an exclusive Eco-Accelerated™ formula that drastically cuts the lifespan of plastic in landfills from 500 years to less than 5 years by attracting microbes to feast on the plastic, speeding up its natural cycle without leaving harmful residues or microplastics.

This breakthrough technology doesn’t just match the cost of standard plastic bags; it also surpasses them in environmental impact, making this eco-friendly choice accessible to every consumer.

“We created ZERO to address the plastic problem with pet waste bags head on. We don’t want to see plastic end up in landfills, but when it does, we want to ensure its natural end of life will be dramatically accelerated, reducing the build-up of plastic waste globally.” said David Wesch, President and CEO of Doggy Do Good.

Underscoring its reliability and effectiveness, ZERO™ bags have been independently tested and verified by Intertek to meet ASTM D5511 standards, offering a proven solution to combat plastic pollution.

Justin Kalvitz, General Manager, adds, “We’ve designed a bag that is affordable, high quality, leak-proof, thick, and durable, making ZERO bags an easy choice for every pet owner.”

ZERO™ bags feature Plasgreen™, a cutting-edge additive that ensures complete plastic transformation without creating harmful microplastics. Doggy Do Good is committed to innovation and sustainability, continuously leading the pack in eco-friendly pet products. 

For more information about ZERO™ Pet Waste Bags or to request samples, please contact:

Media Contact:
Barry M. Schwartz
Schwartz Public Relations Associates
[email protected]; 917-836-8142

Note: Please adhere to local regulations and guidelines regarding the disposal of pet waste bags. For more information on responsible disposal methods, visit

Get excited, get involved, and get ZERO™ bags! Together, we can make a difference!

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