Top Pet Retail Stores That Sell The Best Dog Clothing

Doggie clothing has become a hugely popular trend which is only set to grow. Owners are increasingly ensuring that their pets are comfortable, well looked after and a solid part of their family unit. A significant number of families are now dog owners and most are ensuring their pets good health with good healthy eating and visits to the vet.

Clothing has become an accessory in addition to the grooming practices and other luxuries that are available. Dogs can choose from hoodies, bandanas, pajamas, boots, costumes and more but where would you but your dog’s clothes? There are clothes available for all sizes of dogs and to suit all budgets and styles, consider the following outlets.

Doggie Boutique

A doggie boutique will provide you with a range of clothing, usually to suit a number of budgets. Here, you can find clothing to suit even the most discerning customer. Designs can be a bit different and in many of the upmarket boutiques, the materials are exquisite.


In addition to selling a range of clothing for men, women, and children, supermarkets have recognized the growing market for doggie clothing and some will offer quite an array of sizes and styles. Some supermarkets offer some very well priced versions but it is important to check the quality of the material and the stretch that the material has as you don’t want your dog restricted as he/she moves around. Check the finish of the item and also the durability.

Pet Retail Outlet

Here you will find everything for your dog or other pet, from collars, kennels, dog seats, toys and more. The outlets do not tend to specialize in clothing but they will offer a selection of styles to suit a variety of budgets.

Fashion Stores

Some women and men’s fashion stores have taken to offering a range of pet accessories including some clothing for your dog, in the hope that when you are buying an outfit for yourself, you will buy an extra one for your dog. Your selection here can be more limited.


Shopping online is a very popular way to go and there are a number of online stores offering to clothe for your dog. There is a lot to choose from online and each product will come with a full product description and size guide allowing you to choose what would best fit your dog. Online stores will often offer an excellent selection of products in a wide array of qualities, colors and styles and there are plenty of unique items to choose from. You have the benefit of being able to read the reviews about the item that you are interested in. Read the terms and conditions associated with each retailers selling policy so that you will know what to do in the event of a faulty product being delivered or a return needing to be made.

Dog clothing can be selected for practical purposes, aesthetic purposes or a combination of both, whatever your reason, you will find an array of items to choose from. It can be a fun family activity to select an outfit for the dog!

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