Top 7 Dog-Friendly Destinations in the UK

Life can sometimes become exhausting. Having a 9 to 5 job and the weekends being spent on chores. Taking a vacation becomes a necessity. And as a dog lover.

I believe our furry family member deserves a vacation too. Since you’re already thinking about a vacation with your furry friend, staying in the UK might be a smart decision.

In the old days, it was harder to travel with your dog. Now it is much easier as a lot of holiday company specializes in cottages for dogs. Let’s show you the best places you can visit.


Cornwall cherishes dogs. It is the most popular place for a dog-friendly holiday. She gets the most visitors every year. Cornwall has the sunniest weather in the UK. It likewise has the mildest weather. It is warm even in winter.

There are just so many things to do. Such as miles of long beach, delightful wide-open trails, Gardens, galleries, museums. And let’s not forget the famous Lost Gardens of Heligan.

Dogs are well accommodated in bars and restaurants. There’s no compelling reason to send Rover away to a pet hotel. You should let your furry friend get the taste of the open-air life on an incredible canine inviting occasion in Cornwall.

Northern Ireland

The transition from summer to autumn is the best. And the best time to visit Northern Ireland in Autumn. The crunchy sound of the leaves below feet. The changing colours of nature. This captivating country is a dog’s heaven. It offers an incredible coastline for you and your buddy to explore. There are tons of National Trust properties that not only for house dogs.

Both of you can visit a wide range of locations. With more and more pet-friendly hotels in Ireland, this is also a great opportunity to explore the rest of the beautiful country.

Dogs are now allowed to enter restaurants, pubs, and cafes on the Emerald Island and there are many beautiful green landscapes, wild coastlines and majestic mountains that you can explore with your dog, and even some nice dog-friendly beaches can keep you going.


This is a cool place to be with pooches, running around and having loads of fun in the fields. Devon is loved among UK holidaymakers. People who rush towards the South coast for a breath-taking climate, grand beachfront strolls along the South West Coast Path.

There are so many attractions such as Becky Falls, Dartmoor National Park, Geocaching, Waterfront and these are all dog-friendly. And yes, there are tons of hotels that receive dogs cordially. In a few places, dogs’ evens have their lounge. With special care such as on arrival, they will be presented with a doggy bed, water bowl and a wide variety of tasty treats to choose from.


Yorkshire is a notable province of England, in the north-focal piece of the nation between the Pennines and the North Sea. Yorkshire is enriched historically. She is rich too. With wild tough scenes and a portion of Britain’s best view, Yorkshire has been drawing guests for a long time. Just as eco-friendly towns, rich dales and agonizing fields that meet striking coastline the zone. You can roam around the nunnery ruins, rocky mansions and old-style cultivate for the most part with your canine close behind.

The long, sandy seashore and the close by bistros, arcades, and cafés make it ideal for families and the furry member. The Glen Gardens has its park and wood carvings make an extraordinary spot for an outing in transit to the seashore. They have everything you could need for a doggo friendly holiday.


Norfolk is the best for long seaside walks. So, if your dog loves to run next to you, this is the perfect place. She offers plenty of scenic walking routes of overall 100 miles long for both of you. She is praised by noteworthy views on her different scenes. From National Park marvels to broad heathlands and market towns, ninety miles of uninterrupted coastline play host to some amazing seashores for your dog to truly have a ball. Norfolk Broads or Great Yarmouth where your dog will be over joyous with all the activities that take place on the seafront, also the endless measure of individual dog lovers. Walk around the narrow lanes and you’ll discover a variety of restaurants and bars in which to appreciate a feast and a beverage to slow down in by the day’s end.

Lake District

The Lake District is the land of lakes and mountains. The Lakes Region has several national parks, nature reserves, leisure areas and cemeteries with a variety of sites to take in the stunning views. The four main beaches along the rivers are popular places to watch the sunset and enjoy the views.

There are 16 lovely waterways, which is the perfect background for a gentle evening walk. Windermere is maybe the most broadly known stretch of water, and the biggest, here you can take a curious pontoon visit and investigate the region from an alternate point of view. Lake District’s hotels are superb. The provide privately sourced nourishment. Your pet’s invite pack incorporates a toy, treats, bowl, cover, and guide of nearby strolls.

If you prefer an adventurous and furry friendly holiday with your doggo do not forget to keep the Lake District on your list.


No, we did forget to include Scotland in our list. It’s impossible to exclude them. Scotland and particularly the Highlands make a genuinely wonderful travel goal. Everyone knows of the islands, castles and famous pubs, but no one seems to know that there are hundreds of miles of glorious road to travel on and to travel along with it. You doggo can find tons of friends in Gairloch Beach. There are tons of dog walkers for the magnificent island and nightfall sees, while hounds themselves utilize its smooth sands, rocks, and heather-swathed moorlands. And the maximum places are dog-friendly as well. Hotels are very welcoming for our furry friends. The owners love the dedicated outdoor canine showers, food, toys

Now that you have completed your research on the dog-friendly destination. Clear your schedule and prepare for the holiday that you deserve to spend with your best friend.

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