TimberWolf Wild and Natural (Dry)

This kibble seems to be another high quality pet food, containing good quality ingredients and natural additives while at the same time keeping the formula grain free. This allows even sensitive dogs to eat this dog food as well, a good thing as this means the TimberWolf Wild and Natural dog food nutrition does not become limited. Containing high protein, higher than average fat and low carbs (compared to other kibbles), this dog food certainly deserves five out of five stars. This review will look at the TimberWolf Wild and Natural dog food ingredients as well as its background.

History of TimberWolf Wild and Natural Dog Food

During the formulation of TimberWolf Wild and Natural Dog Food, the company has taken into consideration the idea of dogs’ natural diets in the wild. In the wild, dogs are more likely to feed instinctively, finding themselves the food that they need in order to thrive and survive. There are no special formulas in the wild, nor are there special foods for particular life stages. TimberWolf Wild and Natural was modelled after this diet, making sure that it is good for all ages and life stages.

TimberWolf Wild and Natural Dog Food Ingredients

First ingredient on the list is chicken meal, a concentrate of fresh chicken that can provide up to or even more than 3x greater protein when compared to plain chicken. Second listed ingredient is chicken. Third is an ingredient which may not quite sound all that appetizing, but the truth is that chicken fat is a healthy addition. Chicken fat is a great source of Omega-6, a fatty acid that is very healthy for the heart. Fourth ingredient on the list is dried potato product, an ingredient that may be seen as controversial for the fact that it is a usual ingredient in cattle feed. It is much like corn in the sense that it provides a lot of energy, yet it is much better than ground corn for the fact that it can also provide protein.

The next ingredient appears to be salmon meal, a great source of protein that thankfully appears to be free from ethoxyquin. Salmon oil provides this kibble with Omega-3, another fatty acid beneficial to the heart. Note that this kibble contains probiotics, healthy and friendly bacteria that is a great aid for the digestive and immune systems. Chelated minerals are also in this kibble.

Notable Ingredients

  • Chicken meal
  • Chicken
  • Chicken fat
  • Dried potato product
  • Salmon meal
  • Salmon oil
  • Brewers dried yeast
  • Probiotics
  • Chelated minerals

TimberWolf Wild and Natural Dog Food Coupons

It’s quite natural to worry about the TimberWolf Wild and Natural Dog Food price. With such a high quality kibble, it becomes natural to assume it can be quite expensive. Coupons for TimberWolf Wild and Natural Dog Food coupons can help make it more affordable.

TimberWolf Wild and Natural Dog Food Review and Rating

This dog food certainly deserves its five out of five stars, particularly because of its generous amount of meat, high protein, fat and low carbohydrates. Highly recommended.

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