5 Steps to Take When You Adopt a New Puppy

If you’ve recently adopted a new dog, you’re definitely excited to introduce it to your home. While owning a new dog is incredibly rewarding, it can be a stressful process if you don’t plan ahead. Here, we’ll provide you with 5 steps you should take when you adopt a new dog.

1. Purchase His Supplies

Aside from the obvious basics like a collar, leash, and food/water bowls, you will need to invest in items like:

  • Toys: A puppy must be entertained and stimulated in his new environment.
  • Treats: You’ll want to have something on hand to reward your dog for all of the tricks you’ll be teaching it.
  • A quality bed: Your new pup will appreciate having a place of his own to sleep and retreat to whenever he feels overwhelmed.
  • A gate (or multiple gates): Make sure to purchase sturdy dog gates so you can section off areas of your home and control your pup’s access to rooms like the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Stain-removing cleaners: Your new dog may have a few accidents during its first few weeks at your home. These cleaners will help minimize the damage to your carpet and furniture.

During your pup’s first few hours at your home, watch him carefully and take note of his needs. Be sure to purchase any additional supplies you may have forgotten.

2. Find a Trainer

If you know you won’t have the time to give your puppy the training he’ll need, start searching for a trainer. You can find a trainer that will come to your house. Or, you can sign your dog up for group obedience classes. These classes are often preferred, as they give your dog a chance to socialize and become comfortable around other dogs and people.

While both methods are great for raising a friendly dog, choose the option that best fits your schedule and your dog’s personality.

3. Register Your Dog as an ESA if Necessary

While this step may not apply to everyone, it’s worth mentioning for those who may benefit from it. You should consider registering your dog as an ESA (Emotional Support Animal). Emotional support animals offer comfort to those with PTSD, depression, autism, and other medical disorders. You’ll need to obtain an ESA letter from a psychologist or therapist. This letter needs to include information like your full name, the disability you have, and a recommendation for an ESA.

By having your puppy instated as an ESA, you can:

  • Live in “no-pets” housing
  • Take your puppy into the cabin of an airplane for no fee

If you register your puppy on www.esaregistration.org, you will be updated with relevant changes made to laws surrounding your rights as the owner of an ESA.

4. Establish a Routine

Your new dog will thrive on routine, especially if he is excitable or anxious. Plan a schedule that details your puppy’s walks, meals, playtime, and bathroom breaks. Note changes in your dog’s behavior and make adjustments to his schedule as necessary.

Even if you already have a dog, your new puppy’s ideal schedule may look a lot different. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different routines. This way, you can find one that works for all parties. It may take some time to establish this routine, so start as early as possible.

5. Find a Reputable Vet

Our parting tip is to find a reputable vet for your puppy. It’s important for your dog’s long-term health. Ask other canine owners for referrals and do your own research. Once you have landed on the right vet, be sure to schedule your pup’s first visit. Once the first visit is complete, you will have someone you trust to go to if any health issues arise in the future.

Even though this step isn’t the most exciting part of owning a dog, it shouldn’t be neglected or put off. Make sure to get this out of the way and you can enjoy the more exciting parts of adopting a new puppy with a stress-free mindset!

Richard Hayes

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