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About the Company

Puppo is a nutritionist-formulated, personalized dog food company.

There are several online custom dog food delivery companies catering to pet parents who want to feed their dog safe, high-quality food without having to stock up at the pet store every week. But how do you know which is the best dog food for your pet?

Among the many options, Puppo’s custom dog food is one that stands out. Their personalized dog food has been getting high marks from pet parents—especially those with picky eaters and pups with dietary restrictions. It’s one of the best dog foods for sensitivities.

For pet parents who want to serve their dog a way more nutritional option than the typical food found in pet supply stores or have dogs with food sensitivities and allergies (but aren’t interested in the expensive frozen food kits currently on the market) Puppo is ideal. It successfully fills the gap between the one-size-fits-all kibble and expensive raw food for a few important reasons.

First of all, Puppo’s personalized dog food delivers complete, balanced nutrition that is specifically formulated to support the unique wellness and nutrition goals of each pet. So, yes, it’s very healthy, but it’s also delicious. Their meat-first approach is a big factor in the taste. Pups like real meat—and plenty of it. Puppo’s kibble is also all natural with no artificial ingredients, chemical preservatives, meat by-products, corn, wheat, or soy.

How Puppo Formulates Your Custom Dog Food

Puppo’s user-friendly ordering process seamlessly guides you through a short quiz about your pet. If you’re lucky enough to have a few, you’ll be able to order for them separately with eaze.

Based on weight, age, breed, health, and habits, Puppo formulates the best dog food for your pet and lets you know exactly how much to serve them daily for optimum health. This is an especially helpful feature when managing your dog’s weight.

In addition, the quiz covers wellness goals such as improving breath, joints, coat, digestion, and weight loss (or gain). Their nutritionists know exactly what vitamins and minerals are needed to target specific issues, and how much your pet needs. If you’ve ever researched topics like ways to support your dog’s joints as they age, you know it can be overwhelming. Having a pet nutritionist add the right boosts in the correct amount for your pet brings peace of mind.

And don’t worry, if your dog has any food sensitivities Puppo makes is super-simple to let them know. You’ll be able to select ingredients to avoid (or include). Puppo knows dogs have their favorite flavors, so they offer one of the widest varieties of ingredients. With beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, salmon, lentils, potatoes, brown rice, spinach, sweet potato, duck, and more on the menu, there’s definitely something to make every dog happy.

You can even change up the recipe if your dog likes variety. Since every pet has a profile with essential information like food sensitivities, allergies, and preferences, all future orders are simple to repeat or edit.

And if you have questions, one of their pet nutrition experts is just a tap away via chat or quick to respond through email. Plus, they stay active answering questions on all of Puppo’s social channels like Twitter and Facebook.

Puppo Even Makes Their Packaging Personal

Puppo’s packing is cleverly-cute! I love that they take the time to personalize the bag with your pup’s name and photo. It’s a nice touch that reinforces the fact that this kibble is specially formulated for your dog. The package also highlights the exact amount of that the food that you should feed your pup each day, based on their activity level and age.

Free Delivery and Simple Storage

Puppo offers free delivery. Every month the exact amount of food needed for your dog is delivered to your door. You never have to worry about having too much on hand (which can go stale) or running out. It’s always fresh! And unlike raw pet food delivery options, there’s no need to store messy bags of wet food in the refrigerator or freezer.

Pet Parents Rave About Puppo

Puppo receives rave reviews from parents of picky dogs. According to social posts and product reviews, Puppo is the only food these fussy dogs love. Many reports come from pet parents who struggled to find nutritious food their dog would eat.

Many reviews mention a noticeable improvement in skin and gastrointestinal issues and report healthy bowel movements after switching to Puppo.

Consumers also frequently comment on Puppo’s customer service, in particular, the interaction with Puppo’s team of nutrition experts—remarking that they feel like Puppo’s team truly cares about their dog’s wellbeing.

Supportive Nutrition Experts

Puppo’s nutrition team is lead by Dr. Laura Duclos, who has over 16 years of experience in developing nutritional pet food that supports animal health and wellbeing, as well as a Doctorate in Nutritional Biochemistry and Veterinary Technology and Biology.

How Puppo Dog Food Stacks Up Against Competitors

Companies like NomNomNow and Farmer’s Dog offer fresh, high-quality ingredients, and deliver meals to your door. However, these aren’t meals tailor-made for your specific pet’s profile like Puppo’s personalized dog food. They don’t take into account the dietary needs of your dog. They are also significantly more expensive and require bulky refrigeration space.

How to Be Certain Puppo’s Custom Dog Food is Healthy

All Puppo recipes are FDA approved and formulated by their pet nutrition experts to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for life stages.

This is important to note because dog food manufacturers aren’t required to get FDA approval before selling — they’re only required to label their products properly, and labeling rules can vary by state. A nutritionally incomplete diet can result in serious nutrient deficiencies over time.

The company reports that their ingredients are sourced primarily from farmers in the U.S., and Canada. A few ingredients, such as lamb, are sourced from specialty farms in Australia and New Zealand. Puppo is produced and packaged in North Carolina.

Bottom line, not all dog food is created equal. With so many being nutritionally imbalanced,  unsuitable for dogs with food sensitivities, or inconvenient to store, Puppo’s custom dog food is an ideal option for anyone wanting to take the guesswork out of optimal nutrition for their dog.

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