This Is What You Need to Know about The Noisy Maltese

The Maltese is one of the most popular small breeds of dogs out there. Everybody falls in love with this small ball of fur, which can be the perfect lap dog or partner for a fun play session. Still, if you are not sure whether a Maltese is the best dog in your case, it is definitely worth doing some research.

In fact, it doesn’t matter what breed of dog you are interested in, getting to know the breed first is strongly recommended. Once you decided to get a dog, after taking into consideration all the implications of such a decision, you need to see if the dog you are about to take home will fit your lifestyle and expectations.

Don’t be fooled by this Roman Ladies dog’s small size

The Maltese is a very small dog that can easily fit inside a purse. However, these are dog’s that are not too much aware of their reduced size. They tend to have a large personality and can be quite a handful if they are not educated properly. In other words, they will bark at larger dogs and display a bossy personality, if they are left to manifest this way. So, socializing your Maltese and giving it proper education is more than recommended.

Don’t be overprotective of your dog and treat it like it is a fragile baby. This type of behavior from your part will only fuel an unwanted behavior, like excessive barking and even aggressiveness with other dogs and strangers. Of course, you don’t have to be harsh with a Maltese, but being firm and assertive, while using gentleness and patience in its training, is definitely the way to go.

Maltese puppies are extremely friendly dogs

 Precisely their fearless character will enable them to befriend other people and animals rather quickly. So, if you make sure to socialize your Maltese puppy from a young age, you won’t have any troubles taking it with you everywhere you go.

They are eager to please you and will usually do what they are requested if that means to get some attention from you. This is what recommends them as great companions, as they are dogs that love every minute they spend in the company of their favorite human. As long as you see the Maltese as any other dog that needs to be properly educated, you won’t have any issues with this sweet dog that will love being at your side all day long.

Malterse puppies usually don’t shed

 Forget about hair all over the place! They don’t have an undercoat like most dogs do and its hair strands are similar to human hair, which is great for those that tend to develop allergies to dog hair. So, when owning a Maltese, you can forget about dog hair on your clothes, carpets, and furniture.

However, you need to have in mind that the silky and soft coat of these dogs can grow rather long. In other words, the length of the coat can reach the ground if it is not trimmed. While having a Maltese with a long coat can be fascinating, such a dog will require a lot of attention and grooming. Its fine hair can get tangled with ease, especially on bad weather. But, if you want to keep maintenance low you can always give it a puppy cut at a beauty salon for pets. This way the maintenance problem is solved. Just make sure to protect your Maltese from cold weather, as the lack of the undercoat makes them sensitive to cold.


If you want a happy and friendly dog that loves sitting on your lap but will also joyfully accompany you on walks, the Maltese is the perfect match. Its gentle nature recommends it both for senior citizens and single people, but also for families with children. The only mention is that they should be supervised around small children, as the Maltese can be overexcited in some occasions. But, once it is allowed to calm down, it will become the ideal play-time companion for every child because they don’t like harsh games and will always be gentle.

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