Mini Bernedoodle Temperament and Main Characteristics

The Mini Bernedoodle is the interesting mix between a Miniature Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog. You now probably wonder what came out after mixing a miniature dog breed with a rather large mountain dog breed. So, if you are looking for a very special dog, the Mini Bernedoodle may be the right choice for you.

Of course, you may be interested in finding out more aspects about the breed, like Mini Bernedoodle temperament and main characteristics. It is very recommended to take a close look at a dog’s temperament and personality before deciding to take such a dog home. You need to make sure that it fits your lifestyle if you want to spend a great time together.

Just How Small Or Large Is A Mini Bernedoodle?

Well, while the name suggests a “mini” version, you should know that this doesn’t mean a pocket-sized dog. Of course, it is not going to be a large dog either. Because the size of the parents differs so much, the final size and weight of a Mini Bernedoodle puppy depends on how many traits it inherited from one breed and how many from the other.

In other words, you need to be more tolerant when it comes to the size, as an adult dog, of your Mini Bernedoodle. Such a puppy can have a weight ranging between 25 to 50 pounds, so we can say it goes toward a medium-sized dog.

But, the charm of the Mini Bernedoodle is given precisely by its genetic diversity. Considering the rather different traits and characteristics of the breeds that created this mix, the Mini Bernedoodle puppies will come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.

It Is A Very Intelligent Dog

Both the Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog are two very clever dog breeds. So, you can expect for the  Mini Bernedoodle to be just as intelligent as its parents. This makes it very intuitive and easy to train, which are characteristics recommended to those that never owned a dog before.

But, do bear in mind that the Mini Bernedoodle can also be strong-willed and stubborn, so a bit of patience may be needed. With consistent and firm training, which should start at an early age, you will be able to obtain a well-educated Mini Bernedoodle.

It Has Moderate Needs Concerning Exercising, But Will Not Refuse An Outdoor Adventure

What is great about this dog is that it is very calm and relaxed indoors. It is not a hyperactive dog, so you will manage to keep it happy if you walk it for 30 minutes each day, at least. Still, it will not refuse longer walks or outdoor adventures, if it has the opportunity.


So, if you want to take your Mini Bernedoodle hiking or swimming, it will gladly join you. After all, it has a mountain dog as a parent, so it will feel at ease exploring the outdoors together with its owner.

How’s the Temperament of the Mini Bernedoodle?

Although you may find it hard to believe, both the Bernese Mountain Dog and Miniature Poodle have on thing in common, and that is their lovely and friendly temperament. This is why you can expect a Mini Bernedoodle to be a very friendly dog overall. Of course, early socialization is recommended, to avoid any problems during adulthood.

It is the kind of dog that does well with children, but it is recommended for the children to be older. The Mini Bernedoodle can become a great playtime partner, as long as children understand that they need to treat and handle it with care and gentleness.

They are not aggressive dogs at all, but they can manifest shyness in the proximity of strangers. Because you want to be a responsible dog owner, you should not allow anyone to approach your dog without asking permission first. This will make the first encounter safe and comfortable both for the dog and person that wishes to approach it.

It Is A Dog That Will Easily Adapt To A Variety Of Lifestyles

If you still consider the Mini Bernedoodle a good option after reading all these details, you need to know that this dog will adapt easily to your lifestyle. Just make sure you take care of it right and give it what it needs, and you’ll have no problems with your Mini Bernedoodle.

Still, it may be a bit difficult to find high-quality Mini Bernedoodle puppies, as there aren’t many that breed such dogs. Also, it is highly recommended to avoid puppy mills or irresponsible dog breeders because you can end up with a puppy that has poor health. Instead, visit this website and check the available Mini Bernedoodle puppies. Premier Pups works only with responsible dog breeders and offers quality puppies at all times.

How will You know the Mini Bernedoodle is the Right Dog for You

Welcoming a dog in your life, regardless of its breed, is a very important step and decision. That dog will be part of your family for a good number of years and will depend on you. This is why it is extremely important to make sure a dog breed suits your lifestyle. When your personality matches the personality of the dog you chose, you are going to enjoy a great relationship with your companion.

The Mini Bernedoodle is idea for those looking to have a medium-sized dog, with a good energy level, and kind personality. This is a very friendly dog that will immediately get attached to anyone and anything, but it will also require a good amount of exercising as well. So, yes, you can have a Mini Bernedoodle indoors, as long as you give it its much-needed walks. Whether you are simply walking around the park or exploring the great outdoors, the Mini Bernedoodle is going to be a happy dog, as long as it gets to spend time with its most preferred human.

There are high chances you will love this dog’s kindness and gentleness while having a companion that is far from being fragile. It is the kind of dog suitable for single people and families alike because it simply enjoys being around people of all ages.

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Kate Washington is a Marketing Specialist from Charlotte Dog Club, a website that sells small puppies from responsible breeders. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Behavior, but is interested in anything dog-related and understands that having a happy life alongside your companion is more than training it for obedience.

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