How to Look after Your Pooch This Summer

As uplifting as the summer months can be, some factors might affect your dog’s health and well-being. Summers can entail exposure to hot weather and intense UV rays, or holidays abroad when you have to leave behind your pup. On the days you might be too busy with the kids, or too hot to take your dog for a walk, it is good to ensure that however, this season may influence your life, your furry friend remains well looked after.

Take Precautionary Measures Against UV Rays

We have all been guilty at one time or another of thinking of ourselves before our canine friends. While you slather yourself in sunscreen and pop on your sunglasses, there seems to be some unwritten belief that dogs don’t need the same kind of treatment. If anything, they need more!

Sunscreen is suitable for dogs, and it’s recommended that you apply some of them, especially fair dogs and dogs with short hair. If we can burn, there’s no reason they can’t.

Also, make sure that when you’re out and about, your dog gets shade as often as and when it’s possible. Take a break under some trees or bring an umbrella.

Keep Them Well-nourished

Dogs are like us in the fact that when the weather gets hot, they don’t tend to need as much food. This doesn’t mean you should restrict them, but be aware that certain factors mean your dog’s appetite may change.

Food can process differently in the heat, and your dog may also be less active. Again like us, it can be a struggle to exercise as much in warm weather. The canine care experts over at M-Dog have some great tips of the five best high-fiber foods for your dog. A high-fiber is super beneficial when appetites change because as they do, so bowel movements!

Find the Right Sitter

As much as we love dogs, they can be a bit of a hindrance when it comes to going on holiday. The guilt of leaving them can be heartbreaking. It’s not just miles away, but the concern over whether they are in the right hands.

Some dogs can become very distressed when their owners are away, and even more so if they are in a bad environment. Leaving your dog in a kennel may not be the best option. Try finding a close friend or family member who will give your dog lots of loving. If you do look for somewhere more professional, make sure you do your research.

Keep Cool and Carry on

While we’ve suggested some ways to protect your pets from the sun’s rays, heat can be a whole other story. Your dog may be out of the sun, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t still be in great danger from the heat.

If your dog is going to be at home most the day, leave the air conditioning on. If you don’t have an A/C unit, leave all windows open slightly and plenty of bowls of water around the house.

Outside of the home, bring water with you when taking them walking, for drinking and for dabbing on them if necessary. Walking times are best restricted to early morning and in the evening on a particularly summery day.

To Trim or Not to Trim?

Trimming your pooch’s fur during summer is a topic of wide discussion. It is actually not recommended that you shave your dog’s fur in the summer. Their fur regulates their body temperature and can protect their skin from the sun.

Although cutting it all off isn’t wise, a tiny trim can be a good idea. This can keep off that extra baggage off. It will also prevent knotting, which could lead to them catching some weird bugs (including gnats and ticks) that are more common during summer.

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