How to Groom a Dog: Easy Guide for the Beginners

You love a splash and a dip at the spa. Your dog too needs the TLC. If you expect your furry friend to remain healthy and active, dog grooming isn’t something you can wish away. It’s important to have a dedicated grooming routine to ensure your canine is healthy, active and always in good moods. There are expert dog groomers out there but with the right set of tips, you can become the professional dog groomer at home.

Dogs Grooming Tips for Novices

Whereas it sounds like an elaborate exercise, dog grooming is easy. You only need the right tools, advice, dedication, and love for your furry friend. Whatever the breed or the grooming interval, you need to have these for the grooming procedure:

  • Soft-bristled hair brush and combs.
  • High-quality dog hair trimmer or clipper.
  • Recommended and tested dog shampoo.
  • Nail clippers grinders.
  • Grooming table and restrainers.

Before you start grooming, you need to know more on the best methods to use to groom a particular breed. Some have short hair while others are walking fur balls. The tips and steps needed might not be the same. It’s important to align the dog’s grooming to fit its lifestyle, comfort, and health. If you are stuck on how to go about it, there are grooming experts, breeders, or your dog loving neighbor who can help you take off to a good start.

Dog Grooming Basics

Whereas letting a professional dog groomer is okay, you need to handle the procedure yourself. Dogs tend to feel at ease when it’s you the owner who is bathing, shaving or filing its claws. You need to note that it’s more than just bathing the animal in shampoo. You need to trim the nails, clean the teeth and ears. You need to have a dedicated grooming timetable and the right accessories for such a task.

 Haircut Every Few Months

It’s important to bathe your dog and use shampoo and conditioners. This is good for the hair and the skin underneath. Dogs suffer from dandruff infestation and the dirt in their coat needs to go as well. Choose a shampoo that fits with your poodles or Rottweiler skin. Don’t pick chemical laden products but opt for organic or natural shampoo. Remember, the same procedure you use for a grown dog isn’t the same you need to employ when cleaning the young pups.

Nail Trimming Every 2 Months

Your dog will scratch your recently uninstalled floor laminate and leave it looking unsightly. If you realize that the nails are overgrown, consider a manicure. With a quality nail trimmer, you can get rid of the overgrown nails, although you need to know how the trimming procedure is carried out.

It’s All about Precision and Learning

If you have the best hair clipper or trimmer, take time to know how it works. Don’t use blunt blades, since these can make the exercise uncomfortable for you and your dog. It’s important that you have a guiding comb too as it helps you cut consistently and it prevents the dog’s skin from getting nicked.

The process of grooming your pet terrier requires precision. Don’t start by cutting off huge tufts. Start small and proceed cautiously. If you notice that your dog is uneasy, consider using a restraint or reschedule the cleaning exercise. There are dog vets and grooming experts who are always on hand to help. For sensitive procedures like nail cutting, ask a vet to advise.

Not every dog will be at ease with the grooming procedure. Make sure their temperament is in good shape. It’s wrong to force the animal to undergo the cleaning procedure. If you are half scolding your canine into submission, it could lead to stress or something worse.

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