How to Get Your Dog to Stop Barking Incessantly

The dog bark is good and it is natural but excess barking or barking without any reason could be very annoying sometimes. It may be very shameful when your neighbor complains about the barking of your dog. You can easily stop your dog to stop barking. There is no overnight solution for this only if you have a small dog. There is small dog bark collar available which can help your dog to stop barking incessantly. If you have a large breed of dog, then you have to do the stop barking training as soon as you noticed that your dog is barking without any reason.


If you bring a puppy to your home, then early training is always appreciated but if you bring a grown dog, then you have to be a little patient to make him stop barking incessantly. Here we are sharing some of the best tips which will surely help you to get your dog stop barking. Before you follow these training, keep the following tips in your mind:

  • Never yell on your dog to quite. This will discourage your dog and it is same as you are barking along with your dog
  • Have patient as he is not going to stop barking in one night
  • Stay upbeat and positive during the stop barking training of your dog
  • Ask every member of the family to help you with this training by being consistent.

Ignore your dog when he is barking:

Start from ignoring the bark. This is very basic and the first step which works most of the time. Ignoring your dog bark does not mean that you will ignore it for a while but you have to ignore the barking of your dog even for the while. Dogs usually bark to get attention. So, do not give them any kind of attention at all even if they are barking for the hours. When you act on the bark, it has been considered as a reward for the dog. So, do not give any type of reward to your dog for making the noise. Do not even talk and touch your dog while your dog is barking. Once you noticed that your dog has been stopped barking or get frustrated, reward him with a treat.

To get success on this method, you have to wait as long as possible. I know this could be frustrated for you too but it will really help your dog to stop barking. If your dog for an hour, keep ignoring him. This will discourage your dog to bark for the next time or at least his time of barking will be automatically reduced next time to half hour etc.

Remove the motivation which encourages your dog to bark:

Motivation is something which encourages dogs to bark. It could be anything including even if or anyone looks at them. He would not bark as soon as all type of motivation gets removed. Look around that what type of things are motivating him and try to remove it as soon as possible.


  • If your dog bark at people or other animals who pass by the living room window, then manage to close the curtains. You can also move your dog to other room.
  • If your dog is in your yard and bark at people, then considered to bring him in the house. Living your dog outside unsupervised in the yard could encourage him to bark.

Work on the quiet command on your dog:

Yes, you have read right. The quiet command for the dogs exist and it is very helpful for many. For many people, this is the first technique which helps them to stop their dog to bark unnecessarily. To make your dog follow this command, you may need to work on the speak command first. Once your dog starts following your barking command, you need to teach him the quiet command. This training is usually done in a calm environment and zero distractions. When your dog starts barking over the speak command, say quiet and stick a treat in front of his nose. If he stops immediately, rewards your dog with some good treat.

Engage your dog in other activities:

Whenever your dog starts barking for no reason, try to engage your dog in other activities. You can stimuli with something that inhibits him from the barking. You can do the following things to make this training successful:

  • Give your dog a treat and ask to go to his place
  • Start feeding your dog something (do not go beyond his feeding schedule)
  • Give your dog his favorite toy to play
  • You may also bring a new dog at home to keep them busy with each other.

Make sure your dog gets tired:

According to research, a tired dog barks less. You can make your dog bark by ensuring that your dog is spending enough time getting mental exercise and physical exercise every day. This does not mean that you make your dog sick. You must know that how much physical and mental exercise is necessary for your dog. This depends on his age, size, breed and overall health of the dog. Taking your dog on a walk is also a great way to make your dog tired easily.

Get a dog sonic or whistle training device:

The dog whistle works immediately by a sound which your dog hates and only heard by the dog. The whistle emits sound in the ultrasonic range. The sonic or whistle sound may make them nuts. The whistle training is very easy as compare to other method but could be very annoying for the dog sometime. here are the steps to follow:

  • Buy a sonic or whistle training device which cost no more than $15
  • Keep the whistle in your pocket or where you have immediate access of it
  • Start blowing the whistle every time your dog bark

In the start, the dog may start barking back but when your dog realized that the whistle only blows when the bark, he will surely stop barking unnecessarily. Do not worry, this whistle will not hurt your dog at all.

If you have a small breed dog, then you can consider buying a small dog bark collar. This collar makes your dog stop barking incessantly and you don’t need to work on any type of training mentioned above.

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